September 28, 2023

Your Checklist for Hosting the Next Mega Corporate Event

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Corporate events take place around the year. Managing them with all the work deadlines can get overwhelming for the manager. Therefore, hiring corporate catering services in Dubai can ease out things for you, while you focus on other more important things.

In addition to this, make sure that you are kept updated with everything that the caterers are doing. After all, falling out of the budget and the timeline is the last thing that you would want to come across.

Here is a quick checklist of all that you need to keep in mind to make your next corporate event a total success.

Select the Venue

Venue selection is the first and the foremost task of hosting the corporate event. You should be able to allocate some time to selecting the right venue. It should be located at a convenient location, hold space for all the activities, and have enough room to move business

In addition to this, the style and atmosphere should resonate with the event. The required facilities and amenities and audio/visual technology should be in place. A venue that holds these features, will also be able to accommodate you more and ensure that your event turns out to be the talk of the town.

Get the Numbers Right

Make sure that you give an accurate estimate of everything to your caterer. This includes a fair estimate of the number of guests, budget, timings, décor, and everything. Input with the right data will help you to plan and ensure your event gets the best value out of it. It should remain within budget, so nothing goes way too much overboard or falls down the requirement.

Dietary Needs

Meat-eaters, vegetarians, gluten-free, allergies, and whatnot. We all know people have different food preferences. It can either be because of variations in what they like or simply what suits their body. Therefore, it is very important to keep in mind all these special requirements when devising the menu. It is not always the case that you are aware in advance of all the dietary needs of the guests. Rather, have room for flexibility and should be able to accommodate all the guests to the fullest.

This part fills in as the directing light for your occasion. Having lucidity over these essentials will assist you with exploring the occasion lifecycle. 

Purpose and Goals 

For what reason would you say you are sorting out the occasion? Would you like to drive mindfulness for another item, construct a local area or drive income? best food catering in dubai

Get granular over the objective. For example, in case you’re hoping to create income, would you like to do it through ticket deals or item deals? Responding to these inquiries will decide your methodology toward arranging. 

Target Audience 

Conclude who might profit the most from the occasion. Characterize the segment, geographic, and psychographic (interests, mentalities, conclusions, and so forth) qualities of the participants. Order participants into target personas to customize the deals and showcasing approach. 


It is safe to say that you are facilitating a face-to-face, virtual, or half-breed occasion? Whenever you’ve concluded the conveyance technique, choose if the occasion will be an online course, studio, lunch and learn career expo, or anything in the middle. best event management


Study market and industry occasions to track down the missing piece the occasion will fill. Join it with occasion objectives and target personas to concoct an occasion subject or idea. 


Conclude how you’ll carry out occasion exercises. The timetable ought to incorporate dates and cutoff times for setting shutting, speaker and support onboarding, promoting exercises, seller the board, etc. Have a reinforcement plan on the off chance that an errand isn’t finished inside the specified time. 


Factor in all costs including, scene, stock, showcasing, promoting, and innovation, to settle on the occasion spending plan. The spending assists you with deciding the breakeven point, which can help you plan when to begin moving toward supports and getting participant enrollment so you can allot the income in like manner. 


Examination of the dates of other industry occasions so that there is no cross-over. Additionally, consider special times of the year your crowd celebrates to guarantee they don’t need to give the chance to go to your occasion.

  1. Collect the Team 

An occasion supervisory crew will in a perfect world have individuals devoted to the accompanying capacities: 

Event Managers 

The number of occasions directors will rely upon the exhaustiveness of the occasion. A moderate size B2B meeting may require just a single occasion administrator to care for the occasion subject, plan, and speaker onboarding, though a career expo will require different supervisors to oversee different spaces of the show. 


The showcasing group takes care of the on the web and disconnected promoting exercises and associates with merchants for the site, publicizing, and other advertising necessities.

Seasonal Options

Caterers need to be sure of what is available in every season. From décor, flower arrangements, seating settings, to food options, they need to know the best available options. One that remains budget-friendly and also serves the purpose of the event.

Menu Suitability

Corporate events are versatile in nature. They vary with respect to the purpose. This variation will influence many major aspects of the event from food to arrangements. As a host, you need to know the main essence of the event, so that it is reflected across the event preps. Obviously, you wouldn’t want the breakfast stuff to be present for lunch.

Staff Members

Caterers need to have enough staff members for swift and smooth food distribution. This also ensures that the food is served warm. The well-presented, polite, and efficient staff puts the guests at ease. It also helps ensure that the tables remain clear, clean on time.

Timings Matter!

Be it food, décor, or greeting the guests, timing matters a lot. There are components that require individual detail until served. For example, the décor team needs to be there at a certain time to prepare the setup and everything before the guests arrive. The food has to be prepared on time and served fresh. If there are any souvenirs, they have to be given out at the right time, while making sure that all the guests receive them. The hot and cold beverages should be at the right temperature.

Accommodate Your Guests

There are times when the guest may need any accommodation, travel resources, or even first-aid care. As an event host or manager, you should be able to accommodate them therein. For this, you may require some initial preparations to be made. Accommodating the guests in this manner will add to your professionalism while providing impeccable service and efficiency. This also helps to win customer satisfaction.

The Way Forward

The aforementioned checklist is not only suitable for one corporate event, but for all the recurring ones. Hiring the catering services will not only help the managers stay within budget but also to pull the event with total success. These services are not only limited to the corporate world, rather available for any field. Therefore, with respect to the nature of your event, you can hire a wedding, birthday, or any party catering service of your choice.

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