October 19, 2021

Worker Compensation Columbus – What You Need to Know?


worker compensation
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Worker compensation is a wage replacement system. It is designed to give to the injured worker loss wages when he/she is unable to earn average weekly wages. If somebody get injured on a job then first thing he/she need do is to notify their employer and by law that employer is required to call out insurance company that injury has occurred on a job. From then onward worker starts receiving medicare facility and also compensation of temporary disability benefits. After that worker gets evaluated by doctor about what level of disability he may have as a result of those injuries.

How compensation paid?

1. Before date of incident (DOI) worker gets maximum allowable weekly wages but after DOI worker starts getting TTD.

2. TTD stops when person declare P&S and employee return to work with their normal wages.

3. If there is no permanent disability then employer will receive no further payments.

4. If employee could not return to work and found to be permanent total disability then he will receive payment for rest of his life at temporary payment disability rate.

5. If permanent disability is less than employee starts receiving partial disability payment which is less than TTD.

These payments end after sometime whether or not employee return to job or not. PD payment depends upon the rating of employee. 1% rating – 3 weeks 69% rating -424 weeks So, workers with higher rating (70% to 99%) get Life insurance payment facility till death.

Different area of workers compensation:-

1. Temporary disability – It means replacing your salary while you coming out from your injuries.

2. Medical care – It is necessary to improve workers injury.

3. Permanent disability benefits – This is design to compensate worker for whatever losses and disability workers have to compete the open market place because of his injury.

4. Vocational retraining benefits – When worker is so much disabled that he is unable to go back to his job, then company will retrained him for new job.

There is a stigma out there in workplace associated with having a work injury. As a practical matter there are employers that blacklist employee for filing any claim settlement. Hence worker thinks twice before asking for claim, apart from this there are other reasons too-

1. Income gets reduced to 1/3rd in claim settlement process.
2. Difficulty of getting back from injury.
3. Insecure about family and future.

CONCLUSION:- Workers compensation settlement is a right given to them to fight for their justice by hiring Columbus workers compensation attorney who can fight for you and help you to get maximum compensation. He can give worker right advice of how and when to file claim. There are certain specific advice we need to follow during selecting any law expert.
When we choose any law expert we follow some specific

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