December 11, 2023

Which is the Best Place to Hide Your Mesa Gun Safe

Mesa gun safe

Nowadays, when homeowners shift to a new home or when they decide to renovate their homes. They pay closer attention to the security of the home. The security is not limited to burglary but also in terms of fire and floods. Disasters can happen at any time. Even if you are having children in the home; there are high chances that you can lose your costly articles such as credit cards, rifles, and some vital documents. Of course, they are innocent, and they don’t do with an intention to harm you. They are not aware of the consequences which you can face later on. Hence, it’s essential to hide your Mesa gun safe in a place where you can have access easily and deliver ultimate protection. 

What are Key Factors to Consider When Hiding a Safe? 

Purpose of the Safe

Before finding a perfect place to hide your safe. Give yourself a moment to know what your purpose is to keep them safe at your home. For instance, if you don’t want your children to use guns, then you need to find an area where they can never imagine, or it’s pretty hard to access the gun safe. 

Size of the Safe

Another factor which you should keep in your mind is the size. The size must match your space. What if you get the safe and the size doesn’t fit? Then you will feel frustrated. You then go for the exchange request, which sometimes vendors don’t agree with. Probably, you are wasting time, effort, and money. 

The Safe’s Door

The last one is the safe’s door. When you are purchasing the fireproof safe box, then it’s significant to consider the angle of the safe’s door to hide the safe at your home. Some safes open the door at a 90-degree angle and some at a 180-degree angle. The place you chose must allow the safe to open its door comfortably. 

Potential Hiding Spots for Your Safe

At home, you can find endless options to hide the safe. However, take into account the above factors when hiding the safe. Some options that are based on people’s experience are as follows: 

  • Fixing inside the wall
  • At basement
  • In the attic
  • In a vent
  • Under the mattress
  • In a hidden closet

There are some spots which one must avoid as they are easy to break in by the thefts 

  • Accessible drawers and cabinets
  • In the freezer
  • In a child’s room
  • Under the kitchen counter
  • Vases and pots

Burglary takes 8 to 12 minutes, so the places mentioned above support the robbers to grab all the valuables and can easily run away. Therefore, ensure your belongings and even your safe is in the place of your home where it’s hard for anyone to guess. This supports the aim of the safe by providing extra security to your precious contents.


Getting the gun safe without prior planning will usually end up with a wrong decision. It’s vital to keep your safe in the hidden spots where only the authorized person (s) are allowed to use it. However, to learn about secure places, one must take into three critical factors that are size, purpose, and safe’s door.

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