October 28, 2021

Which are the Popular Flowers by Seasons in India for Gifting Purpose?

India is a land of rich cultural heritage, but apart from that, it prides on different types of floras and faunas. The country has several forests and green reserves. People often utilize flowers to celebrate events, festivals, and special days. Floral arrangements are usually preferred in grand celebrations at the workplace and home, flowers mark an indispensable presence during Baisakhi in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Similarly, In other parts of the world like Europe and America, people use floral bouquets for birthdays and other occasions.
Baisakhi festival in Punjab
Flowers can be chosen by occasion, type, colors, and fragrances. A fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers is sure to impress others. Thus, if someone is having a rough day, a bouquet of flowers will lift their spirits and bring a smile to them. Since both the north and south of India has vast flower plantations, people from these areas have found a multi-purpose use of floral arrangements in their daily life.
Significance of Flowers and Gifts in Celebrations Held
In Southern India, flowers are used for worship and weddings, and if someone is looking for
flower delivery in Chennai or any other state or city in the south of India, they have nothing to worry about, because several florists line up local flowers shops every day. But, as online shopping has increased, many prefer ordering flowers from online florists as well. One can find different types of flowers on the internet from reliable florists and even send gifts and flowers in the country and abroad through such outlets.
Flowers arrangement for Onam Festival in Kerala

People even prefer to shop for gifts such as soft toys, chocolates, sweets, cakes on the internet today. After flowers, the second-most preferred gifts are cakes, which are available in a variety of flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and many more. Most of the online florists offer cake delivery in Chennai, Kerala, and other areas of southern India. Individuals can similarly order these goodies to be delivered to their address, the same day. Some flower shops even provide midnight delivery services.

Now that we understand India is a nation that hosts many events where flowers form an integral
part, let us have a look into some of the seasonal flowers found in the country.

1. Summer Flowers: The warmth of summer is ideal for flowers and what is better than buying
some summer flower bouquets to surprise your dear ones pleasantly? You can choose from
lotuses, sunflowers, marigolds, roses, hibiscuses, musk roses, lilies, pansies, petunias, and
zinnias. In this season, flowers come in a variety of colors, such as pink, red, yellow, orange, and
more. Summer season flowers uplift mood and are an excellent choice for home decoration and

Hibiscuses Flower

2. Spring Flowers: Whether planning for an anniversary celebration, Mother’s Day, or Friendship
Day, spring season flowers are best to choose in India. You can select from thousands of
varieties, the popular ones being Ranunculus, peonies, sweet pea, lilacs, roses, hydrangea,
gerbera daisy, calla lily, magnolia, etc. These spell elegance through calming shades such as
white, purple, red, blue, and more. One can choose to create beautiful centerpieces at home
through spring flower arrangements.

Ranunculus Flowers

3. Winter Flowers: Winter is one of the most-awaited seasons in India. It is the time when we
prefer to be indoors when it is freezing outside. But, again, it is a great time to have some
precious moments with family and friends over a cup of tea and snacks. Winter is also the
season for flowers such as aster, clarkia, alyssum, dianthus, pot marigold, larkspur, hollyhock,
salvia, verbena, phlox, carnations, poppy, and more. As astrologically it is an auspicious time of
the year to form long-lasting relations, most of the Indian weddings are held during the winter
season, therefore at that time, you will find that most of the beautiful decorations in the
weddings are done by using winter flowers.

Alyssum Flowerrs

As flowers are utilized for many events and celebrations in India, the opportunity for florists is also booming. Several flower shops, both brick and mortar, and online outlets are becoming a successful
business. If any individual wishes to purchase flowers in India, he/she can choose any of the trusted florists in their locality or on the internet. We also can use flowers can also be used for decorating our homes for Christmas.

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