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With the resurgence of coronavirus cases, social gatherings and celebrations have taken a backseat. Being confined in one’s home because of a life-threatening virus has made us think about how to interact with loved ones and address human emotions, more so, now when it is needed the most.

how to celebrate mothersday in lockdown

Technology has had a significant impact on people’s lifestyles, making the gifting industry more convenient, customer-friendly, and cost-effective in terms of logistics and vendor management. As a result, people are celebrating important occasions such as birthdays, and anniversaries by using e-gifting and opting for more meaningful gifts during the pandemic.

Mother’s Day 2021 is just around the corner being celebrated on May 10. For all those who are worrying about not being able to make their mothers feel special during this day, here is an idea:

How to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 while in quarantine?

  Giftiicon, an app that enables users to send a gift of their choice in just 30 seconds through SMS and WhatsApp without necessarily knowing the address of the recipient. It’s a renowned Korean gifting platform which launched in India in 2019, with a new app specifically designed for the Indian market. Aimed at millennials and Gen Z, the concept behind the platform is to simplify the gifting process and eliminate cumbersome registration requirements along with personal information.

Particularly in the post-Covid era when people are socially distanced yet want to retain their human connections, Giftiicon offers the perfect low-contact gifting option for anyone with a smartphone.

The Platform allows their users to pick from multiple categories of gifts listed on the platform, from F&B and Cosmetics to Home Decor and Flowers. At the time of redemption, users have the option of visiting the store to pick up the gift or request a pick-up via apps like Dunzo who is Giftiicon’s delivery partner. They also provide the option of scheduling a gift so that users remember important dates like birthdays or anniversaries. There is also a Gen Z focused unique feature called ‘Tease’, that lets users request a gift.

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