January 28, 2023

Want to Guide Your Customers Better? 4 Guide Catalog Types for Your Consideration

Imagine walking into a showroom and being bombarded with a long assortment of products. It is not really possible to go through all of them in order to know which one will suit you better. This is why guide catalogs are important. Guide catalogs allow customers to gain information about the provided products or services in a sorted manner. This helps them to take well-formed decisions.
Guide catalog printing can be divided into 4 basic types based on their purpose:
·       New buyer guide catalogs
New buyer guide catalogs or first-time buyer guide catalogs are those which include a comprehensive assortment of the products or services which the brand deals with. These catalogs include details about the brand, its policies, and objectives followed by its services or products. This helps the customers to come face to face and have a clear idea about the brand.
·       Aftercare guide catalogs
As the name suggests, these catalogs are for the customers’ takeaway. These catalogs include information about how to take care of your brand’s products in order to make them work better and last longer. They usually come attached to the product that is bought by the customer.
For example, we always get a guide catalog when we bring home a new washing machine, which includes how to take care of it and the precautions. These are also provided by, for example, tattoo parlors, which show steps of how to maintain the tattoo, after it is made.
·       Comparison guide catalogs
These are the catalogs that help you decide between two or more products based on your budget and your product requirements. These catalogs provide a clear idea to the customers as to which product is best suited to their needs.
These catalogs are more often found in stores that sell electronic goods where each product specification matters a lot.
·       Additional product guide catalogs
These catalogs are usually provided as complementary item with the product a customer has just bought. This is an effective way of increasing product sales,
Catalog printing Services providers have catalogs of different sizes for you to choose from according to your purpose and budget. They even provide attractive wholesale prices with zero-compromise on print quality.
Now that we know about the different types of guide catalogs, let us see what we shall include in a buying guide catalog:
1.     Introduction
This is the most important part of your catalog as this is what the customers see first. It should include a clear, attractive heading, and maybe a sub-heading, telling what the guide is about. Add attractive images so that your customers are compelled to turn the pages and look into the contents.
2.     Contents Table
This should be very clearly visible as it incorporates all that your guide catalog includes. If need be, break it down into sections for better and easier presentation.
3.     Content Section
This is what your guide catalog is all about. Make sure that each product is explained in detail along with the benefits they offer. Provide information like price, product specifications, types of products, and any other specifications which you think your customers might want to know about.
4.     Visual Appeals
This is what makes for a good guide catalog. Nobody wants to go through pages and pages of mere text. This is why incorporating high-quality images, pictures and infographics in a guide catalog play a vital role in holding on to the attention of the customer.
Online printing services have high-quality printing resources that provide you with high-resolution images to add to your guide catalogs. This can certainly add to your catalog quality.
High Quality Printing Services providers offer effective guide catalogs that can be used for effective business promotions. Now that you know the different types of catalogs available and what they should contain, you can easily decide on the type that you want for your business promotion.


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