December 11, 2023

Types of Dentistry in Canberra: All You Need to Know!


Dentistry refers to the process of diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases and disorders concerning the dental health of the human body. Dental health problems have been a common and rising issue among every age group in Canberra. Changes in our eating and living habits have a significant impact on overall dental hygiene. A healthy oral condition is necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Due to excessive consumption of certain food items, smoking, genetic formation, and other reasons, dental health might deteriorate vastly. To maintain the healthy state of our teeth and oral hygiene, consulting a dentist in Canberra is vital.

Dental health is an important aspect of our lives and must be given utmost attention. People tend to overlook the basic dental issues that eventually turn out into complex dental diseases and disorders. Therefore, it is always suggested to get routine consultations from the best dentist in Canberra so that you don’t end up having critical dental health problems. With advancements in science and technology, this branch of medical treatment has developed successfully in identifying and treating specific dental disorders using specialized knowledge and techniques. Visiting a dentist in Canberra is no longer limited to getting general oral checkups. Dentistry is an umbrella that covers distinct treatment processes that aim to diagnose and cure precise dental disorders through modern techniques. 

Before choosing the best dentist in Canberra, you must know about the different types of dentistry services available. Having a clear understanding of what these different dentistry types involve will guide you to opt for the right treatment for your oral health issues. 

General Dentistry 

This is one of the most basic and primary forms of dental services you can avail of. General dentistry involves basic screening and cleaning of the teeth in order to ensure a healthy oral condition. Oral cavities, tooth decay, injury, clenched teeth, etc. are basic conditions that require general dentistry solutions. Whether you are experiencing a sudden toothache or sense discomforting wisdom teeth, you require a basic dental checkup. They will help in providing immediate remedies and solutions to such issues. Usual treatments under this service include teeth cleansing, complete screening, root canal treatment, wisdom teeth removal, etc. Getting a general dentistry checkup also helps in identifying the major oral issues that require specialized treatments. 

Cosmetic Dentistry 

Another very common and widely availed dental service is cosmetic dentistry. This treatment mainly deals with everything that has to do with the appearance of your dental structure. A majority of people suffer from an uneven and compelling dental structure that affects their overall smile and facial appearance. Whether it is minor imperfections or severely damaged teeth, the best dentist in Canberra will offer comprehensive solutions to it. With modern techniques and updated technology, all your demands concerning appearance can be fulfilled using top-quality materials. There’s no limit to the possibility of transformation that can be performed under cosmetic dentistry services. Right from crooked, stained, and discolored teeth to misaligned, overlapping, and discolored teeth everything can be fixed through cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you struggle with any such issues that affect the appearance of your teeth, you must opt for a cosmetic dentistry service. 

Preventive Dentistry 

This branch of dental treatment deals with pre-emptive aspects of oral health in order to ensure completely healthy teeth and gums. This dentistry aims to establish a healthy oral condition in order to prevent any severe health issues in the future. Whenever you visit a dentist in Canberra, they are likely to conduct a general screening of your teeth and gums thereby suggesting preventive dentistry solutions. Apart from situations of severe disorders, you can opt for preventive dentistry services to eliminate any risk-causing elements or conditions. The basic treatments under this dental service include professional cleaning, early detection of serious diseases, preventing gum diseases, and maintaining a healthy oral state. Whether you are developing early signs of dental diseases or want to escape the risk of it, preventive dentistry is the ideal service for you. 

While the above discussed are three broad types of dental health services you can get at the best dentist in Canberra, there are other advanced treatment options too. Apart from these dentistry services that deal with the common dental health problems in Canberra, you can opt for advanced treatment and surgeries in case of serious health conditions. Visiting a dentist in Canberra and availing of any of these three dentistry services will help you in better understanding your oral condition and what type of treatment it requires.

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