January 28, 2023

Topmost Dog Obedience Training Methods You Must Know

obedience training for dogs

As a responsible owner, you understand the importance of dog obedience training. However, you might not be aware of the famous training methods that are used by the trainers. This is one primary reason why understanding which one is appropriate can be frustrating. But you need to act responsibly and make a great decision for your dog. After all, you cannot let your dog obtain the wrong training whatsoever.

If you are someone who finds selecting a dog training method annoying and overwhelming, we bet you are not the only one. There is some sort of disagreement within the expert dog training professionals about which techniques are ethical and suitable. Therefore, for the best outcomes, selecting one out of all is actually the most essential decision to make. So what are these methods? Continue reading further and explore all the training methods that are available.

Obedience training for dogs methods

  • Clicker training: This obedience training for dogs method is basically based on some principles as positive reinforcement. Actually, clicker training is somewhat similar to positive reinforcement and is not its own form of training. What happens is the trainer will make use of a device in order to make some noise. A divide like a whistle is used by the dog trainer whenever he wants the dog to behave in a certain manner. If the dog listens to the trainer, it is time for some reward. To be precise, the main motive of the divide is to teach the dog when he/she is supposed to act and when they should be rewarded. Along with the devices, the trainer can also give commands to the dog. With the help of this method, it becomes easy for the dog to learn new tricks and manners. Even if the dog comes across a difficult situation, it will be easy for them to overcome. A number of dog trainers make use of this method to train the dogs.


  • Dominance: Dominance training is where everything depends on the mentality of the dog in order to create a bond of dominance and submission. The theory says that dogs consider their families as a pack. Basically, they follow the hierarchy of their own family. The moment a dog sees an alpha, it is time for him/her to respect their human as the alpha and submit. Understanding the body language of the dog and responding in the right manner is one of the methods used during this technique. Additionally, entering and leaving rooms, walking on a leash, projecting confidence are others. The moment your dog wants to step out of the house, they have to sit before you and open the door. Likewise, if they want to eat, then it is time for them to wait calmly until and unless the food is prepared. Next, with alpha training, you do not let your dog on the furniture, consisting of the bed itself. Secondly, there is absolutely no need to get down to the level of your dog. This is because all of these are indications that your dog is standing equally in this relationship you have built. Understand, you are in charge, you are dominant.

Opting for dog training? Make sure you end up selecting the right training method for your dog.

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