December 3, 2022

Top Qualities that you get in Moissanite Custom Jewellery


When looking for custom jewelry, you get a variety of stone options to choose from. Whether it’s a ring or a necklace that you wish to buy, from the base material to its stone everything can be designed as per your command. That’s one great thing about custom jewelry. Now, when you change the type of stone in your jewelry, why stick with the traditional diamond? Diamond is nice and all, but not everyone can afford it. The budget should not be an issue when you wish to buy lovely shiny jewelry for yourself. Honestly, it isn’t because there are so many options that can easily replace diamonds without replacing their shine and durability. That’s to the moissanite stones that ensure quality, shine, durability, and whatnot.

Top Qualities of Moissanite

Moissanite is becoming one popular stone choice these days. Why won’t it, a stone that has a better shine than diamonds or any other gemstone and is much affordable, why won’t people want to give it a chance? Most often, moissanite is compared with diamonds, that is simply because of their close resemblance. Mosiantire is known to have been born from the stars because it was discovered in a meteorite, you can say it is one of the rarest minerals found in nature. Thus, this rare mineral comes with some very unique properties. Below is a list of top qualities you get in a moissanite engraved custom jewelry in Canada

Stunning clarity

Moissanite gemstones have a stunning clarity that you will hardly find in any other gemstone. Cmon, if this stone is often compared with diamonds, it got to have that quality. Well, moissanite often has a clarity grade that is equivalent to that of a diamond or even above, it is less likely to be sold if less than that. So, the moissanite custom jewelry you often find in stores and online has a clarity grade equal to diamonds. That means, you can hardly spot any difference between moissanite and diamonds with naked eyes, plus you can cut so much extra cost. 

Lasting Durability and Resilience: everyone wants lasting durability in their jewelry, especially in their custom pieces. So, a stone that ensures lasting durability and resilience is moissanite. The resilience ensures that the shine and quality of your jewelry will stay for a longer period of time. Moissanite is 2nd to diamond only (that has a value of 10) on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and is harder than sapphire and ruby, making it one of the strongest substances on the planet. Simply described, it is a stone that is exceptionally resistant to scratching and breaking. These characteristics make this gorgeous stone ideal for use as an engagement ring that can be worn on a daily basis.

Amazing rainbow-like sparkle

Wish that your ring had a starlight rainbow sparkle? Give round moissanite rings a chance. Moissanite’s distinctive gleam is a monument to the story of its origin and the superb science that went into its development. This space stone has a higher refractive index than a diamond (2.65 vs. 2.42), giving it, even more, shine and fire! When compared to the more colorless type seen in diamonds, the sparkles are usually brighter and more rainbow-colored.

Ethically superior gemstone

Moissanite is a lab-created stone that is grown in a very controlled environment. It does not require the process of mining to dig out from the land and it is grown with advanced machinery. So, it eliminates the potential conflicting provenance that is hard to find. 

These are some unique qualities of a moissanite gemstone.

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