December 11, 2023

Top 15 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Mobile App Development Company

Mobile is one of the most popular gadgets in the whole world. In today’s date, there are over 5 billion mobile users, where over half of these users are using a smartphone. 

While mobile has reached millions of people successfully, naturally it has turned into the favorite medium of expanding business for the entrepreneurs globally. Through mobiles, you not only will be able to reach millions but it becomes easier and affordable. 

Similarly, with a mobile app, you cannot reach a million and can build a loyal customer base for your business. With each passing day, with the increasing number of mobile users, the number of investors on mobile platforms is increasing as well. 
So, to survive in this cut-throat competitive market of the mobile business, you need to be attentive while developing the app for your business. When you are going to invest in an app, it is always better to seek help from the experts. In this case, mobile app developers in india can guide you on this path and through them, you will able to achieve the best results for your app.

But just like you see huge competition in the app market, there is a huge number of developers present in the market as well. While it might be a tough task for you to find a good developer, it can be easier for you if you keep a few things in mind. 

We are going to focus on the top 15 important questions that might help you to have a profitable mobile app for your business. 

Can I See Your Portfolio?
While you need to work on your app, finding a good developer should always be the priority. But identifying the right one can be proved to be a huge task if you don’t know anything, to begin with. 

So when you go to them, ask them to share their portfolio with you. 
It will help you to have a vogue insight on how they work and what kind of work is the best. 
Try to know if any of their apps is on App Store, Play Store, or Microsoft Soft and if they ever made it to the feature list of these following platforms. 

Which Platforms Are You Best at?
While you are hiring a developer for your app, it is always wise on your part to know if they are capable of developing your app for your desired platform.

While the App Store is the most desired platform among the app marketers, Play Store has 81% of the market under its share. So before you launch your app you need to make your mind where you want to invest first and if your preferred developer has the expertise for that particular platform or not.

Each of the mentioned platforms has its working system and the developing process varies from one to another for the same reason. So, it will be always wiser for you to know if both of your preferences match.

Do You Follow Coding Standards and Utilize a Framework?
An app development agency must use web application frameworks that are organized coding system. This allows the developers to easily work together on the same project using reusable libraries, tools, and components that are necessary for code maintenance.

If your preferred agency does not follow these standardized that might be a sign that they are not properly organized. If you bring your uncompleted work to another agency, it would be difficult for them to work on the project seamlessly.  

May I Have Some of Your Client References?
While you are opting for a particular developing team or company, try to have their past client references. Don’t worry, most of the companies’ share their client experiences easily as it is a way to prove their reliability to their new clients. 

If you still want a better insight, simply search their profiles using Google, Glass Door, or LinkedIn. Browse all the reviews listed on these following sites, and you can easily have an idea of their performance. If you find any familiar client or user on the review list ask them about their experience and try to know how efficient they were while dealing with their task.

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Which App Development Process You are Going To Follow?
When you are going to develop an app, the process that is used for the development matters a lot. This not only affects the performance but it is one of the key factors that decide the timeline of the whole project to end, and even to determine the costing of the project.

It is always better on your part to choose a developer, who uses Agile Framework. This framework emphasizes on a few core values. Using this method the developers work on different parts of the work simultaneously and bring you the best result at the end. At the same time, using this framework, developers and tester can do their job simultaneously making the project more flawless. Also, if any problems or bugs are needed to fix at any point, using this framework that can be easily fixed. Developers do not need to rerun the process for that.

What are The Special Features That You will Create For My App?
In the competitive app market, your app won’t be able to last for a long period if it doesn’t have anything different and better to offer to the customers. If your developers offer you an app developed in the old book way, it will be really hard for you to earn a good base in the market. So, before you proceed with the business ask them what will be the unique features that they can prepare for your app.

Ask your developers about how are they going to work on the proposed feature and ask them about the frameworks that they are going to use to implement them. 

Amidst thousands of app with the same functionality and purposes, having different features is extremely important so that the customers can distinguish your app from others.

How Experienced the Team Members Are?
When developers are working on your project, their experience and efficiency have a huge role to play in the result of the project. So before finalizing a team, you must be sure about who is working on your project and how efficient they are. If you are dealing with a company, ask them how many developers will be involved in the team. Cause, without having enough developers in the team, they will never be able to meet the timeline for you. 

Also how well aware the team members are about the latest trends in your proposed category. Without having a clear insight into the ongoing trends they will not be able to deliver you a suitable result.

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Who Will Submit The App On Stores?
When you hire your developer for your app don’t forget to ask who is going to complete the submission process of your app following the submission guidelines of the following platform. 
While you are going to a developer for your app, it is obvious that they are way more experienced than you in app-related tasks. So it is always better for you if they are one to submit your app in the stores. 

Do You Offer The Post Launch Services?
Launching an app in the app stores is not the last step of mobile app development india While your developer has launched your app successfully, there is still a lot to be done. 

There are chances of some bugs or trouble coming into view after the launch. All these issues are expected to be fixed by the developer team itself. 

Before you decide to work with a developers team/company, ask them the kind of post-launch services they will be offering. If that only includes the post-launch app updates or will fix the potential bugs or troubles that might arise later. Bu sure if they have any hidden charges for bug fixing or these are included with your existing package only.

How Involved I Will Be Through Out The Process?
While you are assigning your developers for the works with a planned prototype, it is not the end scenario like you think. There are times when there are scopes of improvement in features or development which comes under view during the process. Also, there are chances that the same features that you liked on your prototype don’t look that impressive when they start working on them. 

So in cases similar to this, you might just want some changes. Similarly, you might like to know about their progression and how your app looks like. To solve these quarries, you must clear it with the following company on the communication terms. You can schedule time according to both your convenience when you need updates on progression. Also, try to know how open are they to all your suggested changes?

Who Will The Ownership Of The Written Code?
When you are going to launch an app the ownership of the written code for your app has a very important role to play. Without having the ownership of the code will make you completely dependant on the developing agency.

If you don’t have the ownership with you at the end of the project, you will have to depend on the development agency even for the minor changes that can be easily done by your in-house team. So, before you proceed with the development process be clear with this perspective to avoid future troubles. 

How Does Your Delivery Date Structure Looks Like?
While working with a development agency, it is always important to be sure of their date structure. When you go to them, they are to provide you an estimated delivery time of your app. 

Always try to be sure of that. Though the delivery range tends to be mentioned by SLA and Scope still, they are hardly accurate. So you are always asked to ask them about their delivery date range and primitive measures they will take if the time exceeds.

What Is your Bandwidth like?
App development is always a very complicated and complex process. It might require a lot of changes at every step of the development. You might need a change in key features or the designs in the prototype. 

But if the agency does not have the needed bandwidth that might be troublesome for you. Without having solid manpower the agency would not be able to attend your requirements on time. So before you start working with them, be sure to know about their manpower and their efficiency.

What Is Your Approach To Design Principles and User Experience For App Development?
While building a mobile application, user experience and design have a huge part to play in it for obvious reasons. Without a great attractive design and UX, it will be extremely hard on your part to gain users. 

Apple and Android have over 5 million unique apps altogether and without a great UX and Design your app will not be able to stand out in the crowd. 

Do You Understand My Business Model and Customers?
Satisfied Customers are the key to any successful business. Without knowing your target audience and their requirements, the development agency won’t be able to tailor the app in a relevant way. 

So, search for the developers who are experienced with the same industry as yours for the better results. If they have experience with your industry, they will be able to design your app for your target audience with a better approach. 

You can also, search their profile to know how efficient they had been with this particular sector and how satisfied their customers are with their work. On this note, do not forget to check the apps made by them on the stores from your sector to know about the response from the audience.

Just as it is important to have a mobile app for your business to grow, it is equally important to build it in a way that will be consumer-friendly. If you are aiming to gain the maximum audience interest on your app, focus on its features and designs and make sure it doesn’t have any bugs or your app doesn’t stop frequently while working. 

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