March 24, 2023

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a House in Gurgaon

Deciding to buy a house can sound interesting. However, the real struggle begins when you start looking for properties in a housing complex and there are tons of features available with each of them and you get confused to pick the right ones for you and your family. It becomes even more daunting if you are going to be a first-time house owner. Apart from individual financial dynamics, there are several other important things that can be the deciding factors for your buy.

 First and foremost, you must ask yourself and consult your family members if this is the right time to make that big move. This becomes even more important if you are thinking of getting a house loan, as monthly installments will not only impact your house budget but will also decide your future purchases. Nevertheless, whether you are a first-time house buyer or a regular one, some of the factors always remain the same that can help you narrow down your list of options:

Consider the Space and Number of Bedrooms/Bathrooms

When it comes to a house, every individual has their own needs. Depending on your budget, you should look for an option that provides you with a maximum number of bedrooms and bathrooms and a maximum coverage area. The size of your house decides a lot of factors, including how the entire house will be used and what is its potential for any future customizations and adjustments.

There is no ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms to look for. If you are going to stay alone, then you can go for 1 or 2 bedroom options; however, if you have a family and plan to expand it as well, you should always go for those projects in Gurgaon with more bedrooms and bathrooms that you currently need. You should also consider your guest requirements. If you expect to host guests and small parties in the house, you must consider at least an extra bedroom and a bathroom for the same. 

 Look for a Suitable Location 

Undoubtedly, the location of the housing complex and hence the house is one of the key factors when deciding to buy it. You must always ensure that you consider all your commuting aspects when narrowing down a property. If you or any of your family members need to go to the office regularly, consider a property that is near to your office location. Although the current remote working scenario might impact this decision, you should always consider this aspect for the near-normal future.  

If you are someone who does not want busy streets and noise in your house, maybe because of a patient at your home, always look for an option that is away from the city. Other location factors to be considered can be access to highways, hangout areas, markets, and relatives’ locations. 

Go for Secured and Guarded Localities

 One of the most promising features of good housing complexes is that they provide high-end security. Such complexes offer benefits like 24×7 guards, intercoms, and cameras, giving you a level of security to you and your loved ones. 

 If you have small children in your house, looking for a secured locality is a must. You should never compromise on this feature over any other. 

 Consider the Age of the House and Complex 

 The age of the property is another factor when you go for a ready-to-move-in project, that you should consider when hunting down a house in Gurgaon. Some of the properties might have been built ages ago and would not have been maintained as well. While you can always go ahead and renovate the same, but make sure that you have the right budget and time in hand to do those repairs.

In addition, you should always ask for building codes when buying such old properties. Some buildings have strict laws against the kind of repairs and customizations you can do to your own house. You can reach out to your realtor to know these laws. 

Search for Green Zones Around 

Having parks and green zones around can not only keep your mood lifted but can also prove beneficial for your overall health. While you might not find such housing complexes within the city, you can always look around in the outskirts if this factor entices you to buy a house.

Look for Good Furnishings

Depending on your budget, your realtor might suggest all kinds of properties: furnished or unfurnished. If you have basic or no furnishing done, you can always upgrade your house and spend on high-end ones. However, if you have no budget or time to do so, always look for an option that fulfils all your needs from that perspective.

Consider Additional Features

Nowadays, modern housing complexes offer you a lot many features like society clubs, swimming pools, badminton or tennis courts, grocery shops, parking etc. They are good bonus points when you are looking for a property and the house falls well in your budget. Now, Jan 21 onwards, all affordable housing projects in gurugram must have one fixed parking with each home, as per the government’s new rules. Hence, you can also give it a try as well. 

While all these features do make your housing complex fancy and exciting, you should never go overboard and spend what your budget doesn’t allow.

It goes without saying that buying a house with all the required aspects is a personal choice. These aspects might also vary from one purchase to another of the same person. So, one must always weigh in not only personal requirements and objectives but housing statistics as well.

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