The role of commercial general contractor- in a construction Project

Contractor is one who bid on the job; they have project level privileges only. A commercial general contractor brings experience and expertise to any project he is working on. They hire and oversee the subcontractors and really take over stress and headache out of making your dream a reality.

commercial general contractors

A commercial general contractor need not to be present onsite always because if a general contractor is onsite always then it means it is the only project he is working. Generally a general contractor usually has three or four project going out at the same time but he should show up every day to make sure that everything is on track just for quality control.

 Responsibility of general contractor:
  Responsibility of a general contractor includes three key areas :
1. Liabilities responsibility of a project.
2. Coordination of the trade, individuals, allocation of resources to actually get work done.
3. Expertise in handling the problems that may arise while the project is in progress.

A commercial general contractor not only responsible for execution of the design but they are responsible for creation of the design by taking their client vision and putting them on paper such that construction team can actually execute on it.

Contractor has to build trust with client so that be must have a goodwill in his industries. Suppose your company vive one year warranty but somehow a client complaints that just after one day of warranty period something is not functioning then being a good contractor you must listen to them because they are the one who provides referral to your company.

A general contractor must not run his business without a plan because when you fail to plan,you plan to fail. You have to have a plan. Solid companies don’t rely on luck. General Contractor must create a strategy that provides a value. Don’t ever accept high turnovers. Turnover destroys field productivity and that destroy profitability. You need to make your company a preferred place of employment. Always keep good people around and watch your profit doubles. General contractor must be aware about the cost of work. if you can’t predict costs you are going to keep winning loser jobs.

Also contractor must be having a large credit line because bank doesn’t typically lend money to businesses with cash problems. Avoid signing bad contracts because terms and conditions you agree to will be held against you. Maintain a spreadsheet and look manually through every contract. Contractor should be aware about all the member of organization from top to bottom. Contractor must look up in his lead generation system since not having effective lead generation system can shrivel up hour business. Contractor must arrange meeting with supplier and handle higher authority. Always give your client a reason to prefer you over your competition.

 Conclusion:So a contractor has an important role in planning, allocating, managing, supervising and also in establishing a business. Contractor must always ensure risk are properly controlled this can only done by proper coordination and management of work.

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