January 28, 2023

The Best upcoming Music Events in Houston On The Way

Music Events in Houston

Are you in Houston these days? Do you plan to visit this city anytime soon? Regardless of the reason, we recommend you to attend upcoming events in Houston, especially the music ones. Apart from finger-licking food, endless types of booze, and fun activities to discover, you have to attend the music concerts here. The upcoming week is filled with so many concerts taking place, and we bet you cannot miss attending them. Singers from all over the world will be performing here. In addition to this, the concert will also have numerous cuisines that will blow your mind. 

Are you wondering what these concerts are? Continue reading this piece of information because we have explained all of them ahead.

Music concerts in Houston that are worth attending

  • Elthon John: Elthon John is a  famous singer who decided to retire from his career. However, because he is so famous worldwide, Houston decided to organize a live music in Houston concert for his fans. The event was supposed to take place before the Coronavirus pandemic but it got postponed because of the same. Anyone who has a keen interest in listening to rock music, this is a suitable concert for you. The tickets of the event can be acquired online. Make sure to get hold of them before attending the concert in order to avoid queues.


  • The War on Drugs: This is a very famous band of Adam Granduciel who takes pride in performing rock music. Lately, some of his absolutely outstanding music albums were released. All of them received immense love. The band recently made a comeback in Houston with “I Don’t Live Here Anymore”. Bless your ears with the rock music this weekend either with your family members, friends, or other near and dear ones. We bet you will have a wonderful time. Also, make sure to check the concert location by browsing the internet. Everything from the tickets to address, and more can be found here.


  • Robbie Fulks: A very famous personality who is a guitarist, singer, lyricist, and composer, Robbie Fulks is one who has released thirty albums till date. People residing in Houston are big fans of this singer. Every album of Robbie Fulks, including “She took a lot of pills”, “The Buck starts here”, and more are available on numerous platforms, and Spotify is no exception. However, if you want to attend his live concert, attend one the coming weekend. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity, and bless your ears with his music.

These are some of the live music concerts that will be taking place in Houston the coming weekend. Keep an eye on them and see which one you would like to attend. Nevertheless, all of them are worth attending which is why we recommend booking your tickets anytime soon. With that, we hope you are now familiar with the music concerts that will be taking place in Houston. To find out more about other events, take help from the internet. Whether it is about seeking a food event, jewelry event, or something else, you will be able to obtain the answers from here without facing any difficulties.

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