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yushank tyagi

Most of the Youngsters after Completing their higher education search for a Job to settle down. There are very few of them who aim to start their Startup and make their own presence in this Present Age. One of the people who belong to this Category of new era thinker is Yushank Tyagi. He is a simple man who thinks of protecting Web Application which is very useful in recent times.

At a very young age Yushank Tyagi thought of a startup to provide cyber security. He had a hunger of learning new things related to cyber security and his enthusiasm made him a renowned cyber security expert. His Knowledge is now the greatest asset present with him.

Yushank thinks of future Security which made him develop a startup based on Web Application Penetration Test. His startup has proved very helpful to those developers who consistently work hard to make web applications and protect consumer data. Nowadays the breaching of data is a matter of high concern and big companies face huge loss because of this. To protect these companies, is made by Yushank Tyagi and Mukundsinh Solanki.

mukundsinh solankiMukundsinh Solanki is an enthusiast Web Application Security expert. His thought process for this Startup is really appreciable. His hard work towards achieving success in Web Application Security made him the Co-founder of this futuristic Startup at the age of just 26.

Mukundsinh is from Nadiad, Gujrat. He was a Mechanical Engineering student when he first started ethical hacking. He got Interest in Ethical Hacking and started working in it. In collaboration with Yushank Tyagi, he started walking towards his passion. And then Mukundsinh made his Career in this Field. There is no doubt that Mukundsinh’s contribution in this field is appreciated.

Safehack Me was started in 2020 and started offering penetration testing Service for web applications to business leaders. The goal of this startup is to reduce the risk of getting affected by cyber attacks. This company provides all types of Web Cyber Security services. They test web applications manually rather than testing by artificial intelligence. This makes them different from other startups in Cyber Security.

This Cyber Security startup is based in Auckland, New Zealand. This startup aims to help businesses leaders to Secure their web application from any theft. Learning new things on a Daily Basis makes this startup more reliable because they keep themselves updated by the new cyber threats.

Safehack.Me is in rapid pace to dominate global business leaders in Cyber Security. This startup will not only protect them but also help them by providing advance solutions to their betterment. Their willingness towards achieving their goals will make the path of success more smoother.

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