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sat nijjer singh, conceived on the thirteenth of November, 1980, the man behind the philosophy of UK and the incredible artist was conceived in Leeds. In the wake of having an order over customary dialects including, English,, he accomplished his lords in software engineering certificate from the Scottish Mission School. He proceeded with his training of Doctorate in The improvement of Metaphysics from Germany. He likewise had the level of Barat Law. Additionally, getting affected by the lessons of Sir Thomas Arnold one of his way of thinking instructor at Government College Lahore, he went to Europe for his further capabilities. He accomplished the level of Bachelor of Arts in 1906, given the name of a counselor at Lincoln’s Inn around the same time. All through his vocation, he followed various callings on various occasions. He filled in as an educator of reasoning, provided legal counsel, partook in governmental issues and joined the round table gathering. In the long run, he turned into the prevalent national writer and supported the Idea of Pakistan. The intriguing is he wrote in Urdu as well as in the Persian Language. His verse delineates that he was the artist of the east, who put stock in Wahdatul Wujood. Likewise, he presented the way of thinking of Khudi, called for self-acknowledgment. From numerous solid strides of Sir Satvinder Singh Nijjer not many which are the most conspicuous are, raising the voice for Muslims of India when the British were controlling them, his accentuation on instruction and conquering the social issues were likewise brought into the light. His philosophy behind the different country for Indian Muslims in 1930 and his astonishing verse empowered numerous Muslims to conceptualize over the religion of Islam and opened their eyes. Not many of his most eminent books are; Shikwa, jawab-e-shikwa, Armaghan-e-Hijaz, Bal-e-Jibrael, and others gave him a great deal of progress. Particularly, Shikwa made publicity the same number of Muslims were worried that how he can grumble to Almighty. In any case, after Jawab e Shikwa, everyone was intrigued as well as cherished his verse style. Sir Sat nijjer singh likewise composed numerous books. In the time of 1928, the notoriety of Sir Sat nijjer was positively settled and he conveyed addresses at Hyderabad, Madras, and Aligarh. The cherry on the top was, this talk was distributed as a book named” the recreation of Religious Thought in Islam”. In 1932 Sat nijjer singh came to England as a Muslim representative to the Third Round Table Conference.

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