September 30, 2022

Sales Development Representative – Some Traits Which Must Have

sales development

When people talk about sales, they think about the representative dealing with the potential customers and the service and a sales pitch that leads to a deal being closed. A lot of things go on before that conversation even happens. How to describe the services? How to offer a service to the customer? How many phone calls and emails are done? What happens when the customer agrees to the meeting? It all happens in a sales development representative’s life.

Some Important Skills of Salesperson

A sales development representative is a person whose job is to focus on engaging and prospecting with leads mainly. They can use various techniques like cold calling emails to move prospects through the sales process, qualify them and set up the meetings for account executives who delivered the sales pitch in detail. In this post, we discussed some essential traits to become a successful sales development representative.

Grit and Resilience

The job of the salesman is not easy. The most important quality that mush has an SDR is their grit. They can take hundreds of calls to find the one potential customer interested in what you have to offer, which is too complicated a task. Another quality is resilience. Grit and resilience are important qualities for the SDRs. It can take over various calls to fix up a sales meeting in some factories or industries. Coming at these challenges head-on and maintaining focus on the end goal will make you a success in this industry. Once you start driving in quality leads, your company will be impressed in the long run.

Fun & Outgoing

You have to be a bit of a kooky and a little bit of an extrovert to land the sales job. If there are many SDRs in one room, the atmosphere is loud, fun, and energizing. The job role is not easy in SDRs role, but the people attracted to it because of their high level of energy are outgoing enough to get the job done. After all, if you are boring to listen to, you will never sell anything. A perfect sales development strategy helps SDR feed off of other individuals’ energy to make a strong bond with their team members.


In a sales job, things go fast, and a salesperson must be ready to roll with all punches. So adaptability is one of the important qualities in a good SDR because their job is not to remain constant. The best SDR needs to be able to change to various selling situations. Even their sales pitch also changes from time to time. They must be able to change their selling style as per the country’s geographic area where they are calling.

Time Management 

When SDR makes various appointments, statistics, and tasks, it is SDR’s responsibility to maintain and keep track of how to sell the products. An SDR is constantly shuffling various reporting numbers, meeting call quotas, and fixing all the meetings. You have to clean your desk and stay adequately organized. Make sure you have all the plans for today according to the time.¬†

With this post’s help, you can now easily understand the various traits that a Sales development representative must-have. I hope you might have found it insightful.

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