December 11, 2023


Businesses often contemplate whether they should shift to paper bags as their preferred method of packaging. They seem like the ideal way to go due to increasing consciousness towards the environment. However, it is recommended to review all the details so as to ensure proper knowledge about the paper products.

There are a diverse range of paper bags and other paper-based packaging solutions that are available on various online and offline portals, especially at a wholesale price. Understandably, businesses would like to conduct a thorough research before they take the final plunge. is a leading online retailer that specialises in catering to the customised printing and packaging requirements of different businesses. Paper bags rank among their best-sellers. Curated below is a guide about how buyers can make a comprehensive investment by purchasing paper bags from the website.

Types of Paper Bags Available

Owing to a myriad range of paper bags, in terms of their size and type, it is natural for businesses to be perplexed about choosing the product that best suits their requirements. Essentially, there are two main types of bags in terms of their color; brown and white.

Brown paper bags are used more frequently, as compared to the white ones. However, if the business wants customized paper bags bearing their logo, then they can opt for white bags as the logo and brand message is highlighted more clearly.

Irrespective of the colour, all the paper bags available on the website possess a strong construction and are manufactured using the best quality Kraft paper. This ensures that they are resistant to tears and rips, thus ensuring that the constituent protects are packaged safely.

Understanding the Use of Paper Bags Across Businesses

Paper bags can be used by almost every business to fulfill their packaging needs. For instance, restaurants, driveways, cafes, and takeaways can opt for paper lunch bags or small shopping bags with handles. On the other hand, groceries and departmental stores require heavier alternatives that are also bigger in terms of their capacities.

Merchandise shops, gift centers, bookstores, apparel and retail markets, and boutiques can purchase customized designer paper bags, that bear their brand logo and come with a luxury finish. This will ensure that the brand image of their business is retained effectively.

Familiarising Oneself with the Paper Bag Terminology

When the buyer visits the website of any online seller, they are often confronted with unfamiliar terms. Therefore, it is paramount to have a brief idea about these so as to make an educated purchase.

  • Paper Basis Weight: This is the weight in pounds of 500 sheets (1 ream) of paper. It is measured in its basic size, prior to being cut. The amount of paper is directly proportional to the basis weight.
  • Gusset: This is an indented fold that is present either on the side or the bottom of the paper bag. It permits the expansion in capacity of the paper bag.
  • Flat Bottom Design: These bags open up with a flat bottom are the most common type of paper bags that are purchased by most businesses.
  • Pinch Bottom Design: They possess no length measurement as they are tightly sealed from the bottom. Candy stores, card sellers, and stationary shops mostly use these bags for packaging their products.

The Bottom Line

Almost every renowned business is now switching to paper bags to comply with the environmental regulations. If your business is intending to join the bandwagon, then they can make their purchases from for the best-quality customised paper bags bearing your logo.

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