September 28, 2023

Purple Tiles with Light Tones or Bold? Confused? Find Your Answers

purple tiles

A few percent of people think about the purple tiles. In other words, you will hardly see people decorating too much with purple. Only a few people know that the color signifies luxury, royalty, and peace. So, if you are planning to have purplish spaces, then make this guide your companion.

But what purple shade one you should proceed with. There are endless possibilities of purple tones. So seeing them may bewilder you and put you in the wrong choice. Let’s learn about different purple shades and where these tones fit perfectly to help you make a reliable decor decision. 


It’s the elite purple tone that comes from the Amethyst gemstone. It’s a very light purple shade that makes the interior look naturally brighter. One who cherishes the sunlight and loves more daylight and brightness, then this shade is a perfect choice. 


Aubergine is my favorite purple shade. It’s because I love its bold tone shade. I am more a fan of bold colors than light tones. The room with dark paints enlightened with lights looks incredible. Ensure the shade matches your cabinets and all the decor accessories to have consistency; otherwise, it looks odd.

African Violet 

African violets are a widely used shade in South Africa. However, the color is in great demand in other parts of the world. The indoors with African violet purple tiles look eye-catching and make a soulful connection when matched with light lavender shade. 

Heliotrope Purple

It’s a beautiful purple-pink shade that will get the eyes all on it without blinking for a few seconds. In other words, you and your guests can’t take their eyes off this marvelous shade. However, Heliotrope purple looks phenomena in the living room instead of bathrooms or kitchens. The color has that luxury tone that looks in the spacious areas. 

Indigo Purple 

Indigo is the finest shade that falls between blue & violet. The tone is bold and gives a cool & natural tone. You can use the color in your outdoor spaces, such as laundry or garden areas. The color will shine prominently and make your little outdoors.

Lavender Blush 

It’s a violet color family and much in demand. From personal to commercial spaces, lavender blush has become a core part of the interiors. It’s an extreme light tone mixed with a glimpse of pink. The shade is perfect to go with a couple of rooms and kids’ rooms too.

Royal Purple 

The last and the most pretty purple tone is royal purple. The royal purple falls on the dark tones and is highly used in bathroom & kitchen mixed with white tiles. The combination looks fabulous and gives your personal spaces a sophisticated glance. 

Bottom Line 

Above are some most used purple tones, and you can use them where they fit perfectly. All you need to do is make sure the purple tones you choose must align with your decorating the home. So, select the tone that meets your personal decor needs.

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