December 3, 2022

Best Men’s Chinos Can Be Spoiled with Wrong Footwear

Men’s Chinos

Chinos are a staple menswear collection that every man should own. Probably, it’s because of its versatility; the chinos are now a part of men’s essential collection. It’s predicted that 3 out of 5 men’s wardrobes must be having chinos. Plus, the adaptability makes them an easy choice of pants amongst men. The real challenge one faces is the type of footwear to go with these trousers. Even if someone gets the best men’s chinos from a great store, a wrong pair of shoes is enough to spoil the look. In this article, a walkthrough of the shoes with the chinos can be handy information to protect them from a disastrous look. 

A Few Best Shoes to Wear With Chinos

Designers and fashionistas believe that shoes catch the frequent attention of the audience when styling any kind of look. A wrong dress is not because of the wrong choice of the dress always; it’s sometimes because of the shoes one opted for. However, boots, sneakers, brogues, and loafers are always an outstanding match with the chinos. 

Smart Casual Events

Chinos are a perfect choice when it’s about a smart casual style. One will relish the clean appearance that makes them look polished & relaxed. However, the essential tip for dressing in a smart-casual style is simplicity. In other words, it’s vital to look for simple yet stylish footwear. One can wear boots, sneakers, or loafers instead of flip-flops. In addition, loafers give a glimpse of a sophisticated touch as compared to white sneakers. 

Semi-Formal Events

Chinos also work magic when one is getting ready for semi-formal events. However, a little work is required to make the overall look eye-catching. Avoid looking undressed by choosing the wrong shoes. Leather shoes or loafers make great sense. One will experience an elevated style. Plus, a blazer or suit jacket becomes a cherry on top. 

Cocktail Attire Events

Generally, men wear a suit for cocktail events. However, chinos are a great alternative to those extremely tight-fitted pants. Chinos are very comfortable, and one can wear them for long hours boosted with fashion confidence. Here, it’s suggested to opt for leather or suede style shoes. For the top half, one can look for the premium men’s pocket t-shirts in white. However, there is no hard rule as depending on the individual needs; colors or patterns can differ. But a change in footwear choice can lead to an unsatisfactory appearance. 

Final Thoughts 

Above are some event-specified tips to wear the right shoes with chinos. It’s always important to understand the occasion when matching shoes with chinos. Everybody wants to be applauded for their fashion sense. So, it’s vital to stick to the event when wearing the shoes. Moreover, chinos are one of the tremendous trousers that men really appreciate. Whether it’s a movie hangout, a date, or an office conference meeting, chinos are an ideal option. It is because of the durability, comfort, and style these classic pants render 24×7.

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