December 3, 2022

Is Traditional Marketing Still Important?


The world has gone much more digital now that we’re two years into the pandemic. There can be no doubting that the pandemic accelerated the pace of e-business and e-commerce.  Since so many companies have been flocking toward digital marketing companies, it’s time to ask a fundamental question. Is traditional marketing still crucial for businesses? The answer may surprise you, and you’re going to learn why!

Traditional Marketing is Alive and Well, Even in 2022!

Traditional marketing is any type of marketing done without using the Internet. Good examples are newspapers, magazines, T.V. advertising, and billboards, among other mediums. Traditional marketing is still successful since it utilizes the four pillars of marketing. These are:

  • They are branding a product to build an image and a ‘face’ that customers can identify with.
  • Using an independent pricing strategy – not relying on the Internet or Google to price brands.
  • Using channels other than those found on the Internet to market brands.
  • Reaching out to customers and prospects through offline distribution channels.

Like digital marketing, traditional marketing is vast. It was how businesses marketed their brands before the rise of the Internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Telltale Features of Traditional Marketing

Some features distinguish traditional marketing from digital marketing.

  • Traditional marketing doesn’t rely on the Internet to promote and market brands. It still relies on the four p’s of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion.
  • Traditional marketing tends to be aimed at the general public. If you’ve seen a television commercial for coffee, you’ll notice very little segmentation involved.
  • Traditional marketing builds trust. People will buy brands from companies that they trust. Trust can only be established through relationship building, and traditional marketing builds strong relationships.
  • The customer can experience the brand better. It doesn’t matter how well a brand is marketed online. There is one difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing that makes a difference. The customer can’t physically experience the brand with traditional marketing the same way they can.The physical experience and interaction build solid emotional connections, relationships, and trust that motivate people to buy a brand.
  • It’s been around a lot longer, so people are more inclined to believe the claims and representations made by traditional marketing.
  • The outreach is greater. Traditional marketing can reach out to a global audience faster and more effectively.

Why Businesses Will Continue to do Traditional Marketing

  • It has a great ROI. Small business owners are willing to spend on marketing only if it delivers excellent revenue streams quickly. Traditional marketing is capable of doing precisely that!
  • Any business can use traditional marketing campaigns, tactics, strategies, and channels to make money.
  • It has a lasting impact. A television commercial or a print ad may run for several months. That’s a long time to leave a positive impression on customers’ minds!
  • It can mold a good brand identity. As a small business owner, you need a good brand identity to sell your products, company, and services. Count on traditional marketing to help you do that!
  • It works! Customers will see your messages over time and remember your company, slogan, and brands. Trust them to come to your website and buy what you sell eventually. It may just take a little bit of time.
  • You can target the masses. Yes, you can broadcast a television commercial to global audiences for even more sales and revenue in a shorter period!
  • People trust traditional marketing. People will become familiar with your brands over time, and they will come to trust them. Those are two crucial factors when you’re trying to get conversions!

Traditional marketing is not going extinct anytime soon

Traditional marketing is helpful and delivers results. That’s why it still has a place in the business and professional worlds. If anything, digital marketing only seems to reinforce traditional marketing campaigns’ impact.

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