December 11, 2023

Is the slowdown in transport sector for real?

Effective Transporters in Bhiwandi

India is seeing a huge plummet in transport industry. As the entire country is in grip of a slowdown, transport sector has to bear the brunt in a big way.  Transport industry is battling rise in cost of transport and fall in overall economic growth. With rising petrol and diesel prices, it is not possible to offer Transportation in Bhiwandi at cost- effective rates. The transporter in Bhiwandi transfers all this rising costs to the final consumer and this is the main reason why hiring trucks in Bhiwandi is becoming virtually impossible. When economy is hard hit, then transport sector cannot be left untouched by the consequences.

What is Govt doing to minimize impact of slowdown?

The Indian Govt is taking steps so that Bhiwandi transports Services is not hit hard with economic slowdown as this would lead to an extremely negative impact on all industries which are dependent on the transport sector. Basically, this is a vicious circle. If one industry is affected, they will not use transport services and then demand for transport services will fall down. Govt is trying to offer subsidies so that transport companies are able to provide services at lower costs. With Govt assistance the entire economy can lift up and the impact of meltdown will minimize. 

Impact of rise of Road and registration charges

Lately, there has been noticeable revision in road and registration charges. This has made ownership of transport vehicles very hard. When the cost of new vehicles have risen, acquiring new fleet of transport vehicles has become very tough.  Also, Govt’s decision to refrain from buying Iranian fuel  due to attack on the Aramco Facilities has led to sharp rise in the fuel prices. So, apart from economic slowdown there are several other things which are creating an adverse impact on Bhiwandi transporters. There has been fall in online transport booking because companies feel that if they enter into face to face talks with transporters they might get better rates.

Steps need to be taken so that transport services which are the base of any economy are not hit. This is because if transport sector takes a turn towards fall, it will lead to super bad influence on all other things. Government has reduced GST on electrical vehicles but now it need to follow the same thing as far as transport vehicles are concerned. If transport industry is hot jobs of thousands of people will be in jeopardy. People work in different capacity in transport industry. Some work as drivers, some back-end booking officers, sales staff, maintenance staff, and quality control officers, etc. It is vital that immediate short shrift is given so that transportation in Bhiwandi is not impacted in a big way. If small changes can give a ray of hope and help to Bhiwandi Transport Company it should be taken into serious consideration.

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