January 28, 2023

India’s first social media theme-based Resort – Kings Hotel & Resort

India’s first social media theme-based Resort – Kings Hotel & Resort is located in Karnala. The resort witnesses luxury rooms, scenic views and various outdoor/indoor activities to indulge in. The rooms are designed with different social media themes which make them more enticing. They have a beautiful view of the Poolside along with a Baby pool and Rain dance. The property is owned by Mr. Shreyas Kudalkar who also holds a strong background in the field of Finance.

King's hotel and resort

Owner Centric

 Tell me about yourself.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Completed my MBA in Finance and Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University. I began my career as an intern at Motilal Oswal, then moved on to GlobeOp Financial Services, and then to Nomura – one of the best financial holding companies in the world. In the year 2019, I finally launched my own company, Kings Life Nidhi Ltd, and I am now pursuing my boyhood goal of working in the hospitality industry and am also the owner of Kings Hotel & Resort. To speak of my interests, I’ve previously competed at a national level in Abacus, Also competed at a district level in Table Tennis and have a strong interest in sports.

  1. What do you know about this industry, and who is your inspiration?

When given a chance I always like to try new restaurants and new dishes. So, I have always been fascinated with this industry & It has been my childhood dream to get into this line of work. . My Mom is my inspiration because she is the one who has pushed me to try new things and encouraged me to never give up on my dreams.

  1. How long have you been working in this industry?

I am new to the hospitality sector, but my finest personality trait is that I do not handle things in a dictatorial manner; instead, I believe in micro-managing and delivering the best. My uncle and brother, on the other hand, are members of the management team and have extensive experience in the hospitality industry. As a result, we are a fantastic team with exceptional management skills.

  1. Tell me about a project that forced you to be innovative and creative.

As India’s first social media theme based Resort we wanted our rooms to have distinctive features which would help people connect with their day to day lives by letting them enjoy their vacation in their most used social media app based rooms. Our resort’s rooms are designed in a very unique fashion, with a great deal of attention put into the final design. As you can see in the photos, even the tiniest details of the logo have been captured and replicated. We also opted to make the atmosphere more appealing by applying unique lighting that complements the app’s aesthetics.

  1. What is your greatest achievement outside of work?

Apart from the various national and international events handled during college times, I have also organised blood donation camps because I love giving back to society. I feel no matter how many certifications or felicitations I receive, being able to organise such events on a regular basis and able to help people in need is my greatest achievement. 

  1. What struggles did you face to get into this field?

When I entered into this industry, the industry was completely rattled by Covid-19. Government had imposed a lot of restrictions for the betterment of the society, however the industry was taking a hit badly. To enter into the field at such a difficult time was a daunting task which led to a lot of delay.

  1. You have worked in a difficult period of covid What is your response?

I am the Managing Director at Kings Life Nidhi Ltd. During the outbreak of Covid-19, people were in dismay and were not able to get through both monetarily and emotionally. As soon as a financial institution was allowed to work with less staff, we spent our entire day providing services to our customers during the entire period of Covid. I was also felicitated  by Kartavya Foundation for all the work put in during the pandemic for helping people in need through our company.

  1. What do you like to do for your client?

‘Customer is King’ is a quote I believe in. If you give the best service to a customer he/she will bring another 10 customers with them. As both Kings Hotel & Resort and Kings Life Nidhi Ltd are customer centric companies. We believe in giving the best quality of service to our customers and make sure to cater to all their needs.

  1. What is your preferred style of management?

I am a leader rather than a manager. I believe in motivating and rallying my team to achieve a common goal. I trust and cherish them by giving them space to work and only intervene when required. I also believe in openness and feedback. They are free to express their thoughts to me, and I will act on them. This does not, however, imply that I am not strict. I emphasise the importance of meeting deadlines and providing quality service to my staff, as I tell them on their very first day of work.

  1. What techniques do you use to manage stress?

I’ve always enjoyed playing games. To relieve tension, I prefer to play video games. I also take a long walk or meditate from time to time to help me relax and focus better at work. I am a person who always handles tension with a grin since “a smile goes a long way” is something I believe in.

  1. What are three positive things about you?

To mention this,

  1. I am a very calm person who prefers to find a solution before giving the problem more room.
  2. I never get satisfied, there is always hunger for more learning and gaining more opportunity.
  3. I am a quick learner who never hesitates to learn something new at any given time, allowing me to keep up with what is going on around me.
  1. What is the most difficult decision you have made in the last three years?

I’d always dreamed of owning my own resort and restaurant. However, when I was given the opportunity, humanity was going through a particularly trying time. Covid-19 has been ingrained in our lives and refuses to let go. As we all know, the hospitality business has taken the brunt of the economic downturn. So, making the decision to enter the industry during such a trying period was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made.

  1. How do you organise and plan your workload for the day? Nus

I schedule my day around the tasks that must be completed first. My day begins even before I arrive at work. I always make sure that I am aware of my next day’s itinerary ahead of time. If something crucial comes up at the last minute, I make sure to finish it by the end of the day, which helps me maintain a balanced workload and fulfil all deadlines.

  1. What was the most difficult period in your life, and how did you deal with it?

There was a moment during my childhood when we were trapped in a rut, and it was the most difficult time we faced as a family. We were so stuck financially that it seemed impossible to get back on our feet. My father, on the other hand, never gave up and saw us through the situation. When I start a new business, I always think back to when I saw him in a difficult circumstance and how he never gave up. I’m grateful I inherited his traits of perseverance, strength, and an outright attitude  of “Not giving up.”

Resort Centric

Twitter Room

How many themes are currently running at your resort?

Currently we have 9 app theme based rooms in our resort.We have a green Whatsapp room, blue-hued Twitter and Facebook rooms, a red, purple, and yellow Instagram room, a red YouTube-themed room, and a green-red-yellow Google Chrome room .TikTok is in the form of a red and black-emblem room. A red and white combination Pinterest room is breathtaking which is also interconnected with Twitter room. We also have a Yellow and White theme Social media theme room which gives a vibrant vibe. The resort also has a 2 bedroom villa which is too huge to accommodate 12-15 people at one go.

Tiktok Room

 Which theme do customers like the most in your resort?

Our visitors’ favourite theme is Instagram, although Youtube and Facebook aren’t far behind. The vibrant environment and people’s enthusiasm for these applications make them the preferred option. Our Customers, on the other hand, always compliment each of our room’s themes.

 Tell us more about your resort?

Kings Hotel & Resort is India’s first social media theme-based resort, offering luxurious rooms, gorgeous vistas, and a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. The rooms are decorated with various social media themes, making them more appealing. They feature a lovely poolside view, as well as a baby pool and a rain dance. The restaurant offers a variety of delectable cuisine, including Tandoori specialties. Ideal for destination weddings, parties, and other special occasions.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

Making our resort a must-visit for everybody planning a vacation by bringing it to cities all over India.



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