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How to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox? Now, users can read this post to choose a suitable way to recover their needed files.

Dropbox can supply users with cloud storage, file synchronization, and personal cloud services. Users can download this software on the computer and then create a special folder to save the files needed to be synchronized.
Afterward, users can log in the same account to use these files directly on other computers and devices such as Android, iOS, and Windows phones as long as they have been installed Dropbox. These files can be up-to-date among these devices no matter users add or delete files on that folder.
However, how to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox if users delete files by mistake. For different situations, the solutions vary. Users can find a proper solution in the following content.

How to Recover Deleted Dropbox Files within 30 Days/120 Days

Usually, when users delete files from Dropbox, the items will be first removed to the Deleted files page and they will be kept there for 30 days. For professional users, this period will be extended to 120 days.
To recover those files, users can just enter the Deleted files page to find and restore them to its original path.
However, it is not a unique way to locate the deleted files. Users can also type the file’s name into the search bar to find the deleted Dropbox files directly.
Besides, users can also enter the Events page to find their needed files.
Users will discover that it is not difficult to recover deleted files from Dropbox within 30 days or 120 days.
However, if they remove files from the Deleted files page, what should they do to recover deleted files Dropbox?

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Dropbox

Once the files are deleted from Dropbox permanently, or these files are deleted from Dropbox 30 days/120 days ago, users will be unable to recover deleted files from Dropbox directly.
Is it possible to recover deleted Dropbox files after 30 days/120 days?
Actually, these deleted files have been saved on the computer previously. If they are still on the computer, things will be easy. If not, users still have the chance to get them from the computer back as long as they are not overwritten by new data.
In this situation, they will need to use a piece of third-party data recovery software to recover deleted files older than 30 days Dropbox. Here, users can try this free file recovery tool – MiniTool Power Data Recovery.
This free MiniTool data recovery software is specially designed to recover data from various data storage devices, and computer hard drives are included. This PC is exact the recovery module users need to apply.
This software has a Trial Edition which allows users to scan the drive to see whether it can find the files they want to recover. Now, users can download and install this freeware on the computer to have a try.
Step 1: Open the software and users will enter This PC interface directly. All the hard drives on the computer will be displayed on the software. User should choose the target drive and click on the Scan button to start the scanning process.
Step 2: When the scanning process ends, users will enter the scan result interface as follows. All the existing and deleted files will be displayed on this interface. Now, users can go to see whether they can find the files they want to recover.

Step 3: If users can find the files they want to restore, they can update this software to a full edition form the MiniTool official store to recover them without limits.
After these three steps, users can access the specified storage path to see if the recovered files can be users as normal.
How to recover permanently deleted files from Dropbox? Users can select a suitable solution according to their actual situation.

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