October 28, 2021

How to Express Emotions on Rose Day with Different Roses

Valentine’s Day is the official day for the lovebirds for expressing their feelings and spending some romantic time with their partner. But it would be very unfair if there were just a single day in a year dedicated to the love couples. That is why valentine’s week is celebrated all around the world and the week of love begins with Rose Day.
Some believe that the word ‘Rose’ comes from Eros, the God of love as per the Greek mythology. Probably, for this reason, this flower had been chosen for expressing emotions. Not just love, you can show any of your feelings on this day presenting appropriate roses to anyone. Thus, the rose day is significant in all aspects and if you are not yet, manage to enunciate your tenderness then order same day flower delivery in delhi to make it happen at the earliest.
Read further, to know which color of rose you should choose to convey your words.
Red Rose
Nothing is new in saying that the red rose is the symbol of passionate love. Thanks to the movie makers and the gift stores for teaching us this. As per Greek mythology, the red rose is the favourite flower of Cupid, hence it is considered the color of love. Rose day is the perfect occasion to say your crush about your deepest feelings. Whoever is still single and has an obsession for someone, don’t waste a second in thinking more. Contact the best florist in Bangalore to get a bouquet of eternity red roses and rush to that gal/guy on this rose day to commence a dynamic love story.
Pink Roses
The meaning of the flower is completely gendered specific. It particularly denotes femininity, thus sweet pink coloured roses suit best in a woman’s hand only. Nowadays, you can get different tints of pink roses. All thanks to the hybrid rose cultivation worldwide.
Dark Pink Rose
Caliginous pink denotes gratefulness, appreciation, and respect. A bunch of dark pink roses is the best means to say “Thank You”. 
Pale Pink Rose
Pastel pink roses are the sign of grace, joy, and politeness.
You can send either colour of pink roses to your wife or girlfriend to show your appreciation towards her grace and gentleness.
Lavender Roses
This color signifies love at first sight. Other than that, it is a sign of mystery, fascination, wonder, and magic. If you have an infatuation for someone, then don’t get confused about which tint of Valentine’s Day roses to pick. Get this rare tint bouquet and confront him/her in this special week.
White Roses
White is the color of purity and spirituality. This flower signifies your innocent love. As these flowers are traditionally used for Christian marriages you can grab this flower to propose your beloved for marriage. This color is also appropriate for newly engaged couples as it symbolises young love too.
Peach Roses
This hued rose bouquet looks amazing and you definitely can impress your gal proving it. Peach roses state modesty and purity. This is an ideal gift for saying “I Miss You”. Are you going to stay abroad on this rose day? Don’t worry you can still send a posy of peach roses through online flower delivery in gurgaon to convey how much you are dedicated and missing him/her.
Yellow Roses
These pretty roses symbolize friendship and happiness. This flower can be provided to anyone as the yellow-hued roses spread cheerfulness and connote your respect when it is bestowed to your elders. This flower doesn’t symbolise any facet of typical love. You can give it to your opposite gendered pal without any hesitation.
Orange Roses
The meaning of this rose is as bold as the color is. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm and excitement. If you are trying to send someone a passionate message then grab this vibrant color rose while you decide to send valentine flowers.
Besides the different shades, the different number of roses also signifies distinct expressions. 
Single Rose – gifting a single rose denotes love at first sight
2 Roses – you are in love with the person
3 Roses – simply I Love You
7 Roses – infatuation
9 Roses – eternal love
10 Roses – you are perfect
11 Roses – you are my treasure
12 Roses – proposing someone
15 Roses – I’m sorry
25 Roses – wishing someone all the happiness
30 Roses – Faithfulness
44 Roses – constant love
50 Roses – unconditional love

Now you know what tinge and number of roses you should carry on this special day to show your feelings and mesmerise the rec

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