March 24, 2023

How to Avoid Online Banking Fraud

Due to the increase in online fraud incidents, the country’s largest bank (SBI) has given its customers some tips regarding online banking. The bank has given six tips to its customers through a letter titled ‘A Letter for Your Safety’ and said that it is very important to take care of these tips in online banking. The bank has tweeted in this context that safe banking can be done by being cautious. The bank has said that our customers should pay attention to these six protocols to protect their information from fraudsters.

Tips to Avoid Online Banking Frauds

Banks has given these six tips for secure banking to its customers:

  1. Customers should not click on any link seeking OTP and bank details in the name of sending money to EMIs or account or contribution to PM Care Fund or any other relief fund.
  2. Ignore fake SMS, E-mail, phone calls and advertisements with claims like cash reward and job placement.
  3. You need to change all the passwords associated with the bank transactions change after a period of time.
  4. Keep in mind that SBI or bank representatives never ask for personal information, passwords, OTPs of customers through SMS, E-mail or phone calls.
  5. For contact number or other details of any branch, just use the official website of SBI. Do not believe any information obtained by searching the Internet.
  6. Immediately inform the local police officers and the nearest branch of the relative bank about any type of fraud.

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