December 11, 2023

Hip and Natural: Contemporary Home Decor Trends You Can Still Follow this 2021

Home Decor

Home Decor

Maybe you’re a home styling enthusiast. You follow many Instagram profiles, Pinterest boards, and blogs. You subscribe to different magazines to find out the contemporary home décor, the trending materials and styles, and the hippest living rooms in your country. You’ve found the right article.

To help you keep up with the trending contemporary home décor this year, we rounded up the different home décors that are expected to be ‘viral’ at homes this 2021.

Trending Contemporary Home Décor for 2021

We’ve already seen a lot at this turn of the year: from Ultraviolet being declared as the color of the year to a strengthening consciousness for considering sustainability in style and design decisions, nbcsports/activate. To keep ourselves up-to-date, here are the in and hip contemporary home décor to help guide your home restyling or renovations this year.

Geometric styles and patterns for additional charm. From geometric tables to sleek, cylindrical lampshades, this design style has gained twice as much popularity this year. This is the kind of math you won’t go wrong with. They add to the room a cleaner and more modern feel without being too overbearing.

Bowls, bowls, bowls. Painted with bright patterns or bold, solid colors, bowls can serve as accent pieces for your corner and coffee tables, even filled with that grain, oat, and acai combination for your Instagram post. These pieces are all the rage in social media for setting up feed aesthetics. You can be sure that this style won’t make your style bowl over.

Globes Around Your Home

This doesn’t just include those vintage and rustic-looking worlds; big canvas maps are in on the 2021 contemporary home décor party. The focus of popular culture on travel and wanderlust makes these pieces pleasing accents in any home.

Go Natural

The consciousness for sustainability had brought out a preference for design styles that use wood, cement, and other raw materials. Wood paneling, cement floorings, wooden frames, framed plants, among others, are popular this year.


Marble accents are also popular this year, seeing a revival of design styles inspired by the glamour and elegance of the 1970s and 1980s.

Potted Plants

Indeed, you have seen in your social media feed the surge of interest for rearing up indoor plants and small succulents. These babies from Mother Nature have joined the horde of contemporary home décor. They add to any room a bright splash of green and life that’s relaxing to the eyes; plus, they are low-maintenance and budget-friendly.

Tropical Prints

If you don’t have time to rear succulents and indoor plants, there is an alternative for you mylabcorp. It doesn’t have to be summer; 2021 has seen popularity for tropical prints. You can start adorning your home with blankets and throws patterned with Monstera leaves, floral curtains, or plates with large-scale prints. Bring out that summer vibe in your home.

It’s not too late to ride into the tide of contemporary home décor trends this 2021. Most of these accents are already available inside your home and are cost-friendly. You can quickly transform your rooms into that bright, hip, and modern space just like you’ve been dreaming of.

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