September 28, 2023

Hair Relaxer and Myths

In the social media era, there is an overload of information both factual and misconceptions. You will find this information onyour Facebook pages, blogs all over the internet, the comment sections on Twitter, or even on YouTube. This information though intended to help, may be misleading, thus important to find credible, and truthful sources. 

What is Hair Relaxing?

In simple terms, a hair relaxer is a hair cream used to make curly hair straight. Unlike blow-drying the hair, relaxers have a permanent effect, ensuring the hair stays relaxed from four to eight weeks.

The cream breaks down the hair strands, and this changes the texture of the hair. Owing to this, there are several worrying mistaken beliefs when it comes to hair relaxers.

 And when it comes to hair products, hair care routines, and hairstyles. There are several fallacies about what’s best and what’s not. And one area that has raised eyebrows is concerning hair relaxers. 

Myths about Hair Relaxers

 To finally break the ice, we are going to take a look at the top 5 myths about relaxers, but first.


1.    Hair Relaxers Cause Cancer

This is a major concern among women; however in a study released by Boston University, there is no link between cancer and hair relaxers. This is great news for many, but before getting your hair relaxed it is essential to ensure you do not have cuts or bruises on your scalp. Although relaxers do not cause cancer, the creams have chemicals that can enter your body through the cuts and may subsequently lead to other health complications. To avoid this always ensure your scalp is healthy by maintaining a scalp routine.    

2.    You Need to Relax Your Hair Every Two to Four Weeks

Depending on one’s type of hair, new hair growth might be visible two or three weeks after the perm. Many people believe you should relax your hair immediately after new hair growth. This notion is false and besides being an expensive venture, it also causes damage to the hair roots. Moreover, some people also believe that not relaxing your hair every so often will cause hair breakage. Healthy relaxed hair should not experience severe breakage. Hair breakage occurs when your hair is weak and ignoring proper and regular maintenance, such as treating with a hair relaxing treatment.

For that reason, even after getting your hair permed, you need to treat and moisturize the hair. For healthy hair growth, the hair requires a proper balance in proteins and other nutrients and this is possible through your balance and hair products.

3.    Relaxing Your Hair Causes Permanent Damage

If you’ve had your hair relaxed, or maybe thinking about it, then you remember the reaction on your friend’s faces once you shared the news. The stern expression is enough to make you change your mind. Most people believe relaxed hair is permanently damaged and you can never regain your natural curls. But just like extensions, relaxers are used to spice up and give someone a new look. Furthermore, relaxed hair can last from six to eight weeks and one can easily regain their natural hair.  

4. It is Safe to Braid Your Hair Immediately After Relaxing 

While some people believe relaxing your hair causes permanent damage, others believe perming your hair makes it stronger and better, hence a good idea to braid your hair immediately after relaxing.

 Like the previous myth, this too is wrong and misleading. Though relaxing hair does not damage your hair, relaxing it does not make it stronger either. Professional’s advice a two or three-week break after relaxing to avoid breakage. 

Relaxed hair has an altered texture and the hair stands formation is different. Causing too much strain on the scalp, this may consequently permanently damage the hair roots. 

5.    Relaxed Hair Means Unhealthy Hair

This is far from the truth; relaxed hair is not an indication of damaged hair. Most people assume that if your curly hair is damaged, then one way to restore that glow is by perming it. Healthy hair can also be permed; however, it is not advisable to relax unhealthy hair. If you have experienced breakage, the best thing before relaxing the hair is treat it to retain the natural strength. 

Remember, relaxers, straighten the hair by weakening the hair strands and if done to weak and unhealthy hair, the relaxers might cause more harm and damage on both your scalp and hair. 

Hair relaxing is a great way to change up your look; however, to avoid any damage it is important to always visit a professional stylist. And though you might be tempted to relax your hair at home, it is also vital to do proper research and the best hair relaxing products. 

If you want to relax your hair at home, why not try out the organic relaxer, this is not only a safe method to get started but is also softand tender on your hair and scalp. 

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