September 30, 2022

Get to Know About Fujairah City Tour

Well, what you need to know about Fujairah is that it is located on the eastern coast of the UAE. Every state of UAE has a coastline on the Persian Gulf but Fujairah has it on the Gulf of Oman. Fujairah city tour is a must if you are somewhere near Oman, it is mostly famous because of some interesting tourist attractions. Fujairah city visit is for the ones who love beaches and mountains but there is a lot more saved over here.


Okay, so isn’t it wonderful to hear that the city tour serves you with the second largest mosque in the UAE. Well, you must be wondering where is the first largest, it is located in Abu Dhabi. Your tour would be incomplete without visiting the grand mosque with intricate features leaving your jaw dropped. It is so majestic and full of tranquility that you’d never want to leave the place. It is recommended to visit this mosque at least once if you’re in for a Fujairah city visit.


If you’re a water sports person then this city tour is all worth it. You’d get to experience the serene environment at the beaches with some activities too. Many people around the world come to visit the here for scuba diving and snorkeling which is served the best in the states. Get a day off and relax at the beach where you get all the facilities including lounges, cafes, and restaurants.  This visit best describes when you bask under the ever beautiful sun at the beach and enjoy the tan.


Every visitor is fond of collecting something traditional from every other place they visit. Here’s to the Fujairah city tour providing you an opportunity to make the best out of your visit. The Friday market shows a cultural heritage of souk in the old days. You can get a variety of products from fruits and vegetables to clothes, which is quite interesting. Fujairah city is all about the heritage and here you get to see every bit of it marking an amazing experience.


There is history at every place you go and for most of the visitors, historical buildings hold a lot of importance. Here at the Fujairah city tour, one gets to see the oldest of forts of the United Arab Emirates and also which was a home for the ruling family. Obviously being the oldest fort it was almost in a condition to get destroyed but it got into shape afterward for the visitors. You need to visit this on your Fujairah city visit since there is more, a village with date palms giving the place immense importance. The very ancient village portrays the conventional living style of people and you won’t miss seeing how the people over here carry out their lifestyle.  
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