March 24, 2023

Fireproof Home Safe For Protection Against Fire Or Burglaries!

fireproof home safes

Unfortunately, home burglaries or theft cases are on the rise these days due to increased unemployment caused during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individuals are highly scared of residential break-ins, especially during the day when everyone is off to work. However, considering the growing terror of burglaries o thefts in the residential spaces, many online manufacturers have launched fireproof home safes

Fireproof home safes are primarily designed to protect valuable items and documents from fire or theft. Are you wondering where can you possibly install the fireproof safes at your house? Well, there is no specific position when it comes to installing a fireproof safe; any place could work perfectly according to your particular needs. However, here are a few tips of safer places to protect valuables from burglary, fire, and natural calamities:

1. Protection against burglary

To protect the fireproof safe packed with valuable and expensive items against burglary, it is essential to place it in low-traffic areas. The areas in your house which are difficult to find out or some secret closet inside a closet or under the tiles can be an ideal position. Note that since the fireproof safe has a significant length, breadth, and height, it must be installed in the wall and covered with a door. The door or the cabinet should blend well with the adjacent wall, and a cabinet can be constructed around it to match the surrounding wardrobes for closets.

2. Protection against fire

Unalarmed fireone of the terrifying threats to the safety of your home and other valuable items like property documents, degree/diploma certificates, etc. To ensure the utmost security of your safe and the contents inside from fire, the most secure place can be at the corner where two walls meet at the edge. Most preferably, the safe is placed on the ground while inside the cabinet or wall so that it can get protected from all around. Furthermore, if you have a multistory house or business space with sprinklers installed all around, it is wise to install the safe within the range of the sprinklers. Therefore, even in the case of unalarmed fire, your safety and the valuables inside will be protected efficiently. 

3. Protection against natural calamities 

Natural calamities can occur any time anywhere, leading to the destruction of life and property. However, the mild effects of disasters like floods can also cause massive and irreversible harm to your property. In those cases or areas frequently prone to floods, it is advisable to construct a concrete or steel base of a safe lock box to support it. This keeps the fireproof lockbox at least two feet off the floor, preventing from the consequences of prolonged exposure to water or other circumstances. Although the fireproof safe boxes are designed and tested to be waterproof and fireproof, it is best to adopt precautionary measures. Thus you can then store valuable documents, electronics, or photographs secured from floods or other natural calamities.

You must have understood how various factors can hamper the safety features of a fireproof safe box. Keep the above-mentioned safe box installation tips in mind while installing your fireproof safe box.

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