December 3, 2022

Factors To Look For When Choosing The Right Bed Size For Your Dog

So you’ve noticed your dog waking up crankier and tired every day, and you don’t know what could be the problem. Or there is just something different with the way it’s been walking around the house. There is a high likelihood that your dog is sleeping somewhere uncomfortable but has no way to let you know. Picking the wrong bed size negatively affects your pet. The most common symptoms are sore muscles and sore joints from lack of space to stretch or support. Larger breeds are likely to suffer from back and hip problems due to their larger bones. Finally, your dog needs good and restful sleep, that only a good bed will give it. To make sure you pick the right size for your dog bed, consider the following factors:
Your Pet’s Age and Size
Your pet will grow according to its breed and therefore you should at least know your dog’s breed so that you can predict the size it will eventually grow into as the months and years progresses. For smaller dogs, the size of the dog bed is not such a major consideration because the bed will automatically be larger than the dog, and with the right bedding and fill, you can make your pup feel safe even in a larger dog bed. However as it grows you have to keep on checking to ensure the dog is always smaller by at least 12 inches compared to the bed both in width and length. Ensure there is enough space to allow your dog to stretch fully and even fully stand without touching the edges of the bed.

Older dogs require an orthopedic mattress that ensures its spine is not unduly affected by the mattress. As the dog moves in its sleep, the mattress needs to accommodate its shifts and this helps to prevent bone and hip issues.

Maintenance and Hygiene

The first thing in maintenance is to train your dog to treat its bed as responsibly as you treat yours. Your dog should see you make your bed in the morning, and clean your beddings as often as possible. This routine will help your dog to understand that it needs to maintain a clean environment and not see the bed as a play pen.
The key in maintaining a clean environment for your pet is to ensure you choose the right fabric. Washable fabric is easy to clean, but they also come in options that are bacteria resistant, and hypoallergenic. These prevent your pets from contracting any pathogens, and free from allergies. The entire bed ought to be wash-friendly either through hand wash or machine wash. Some dog beds have fully detachable parts for easy machine washing and this will help you maintain cleanliness but also keep the bed’s lifespan last longer.

The shape of your dog bed also helps to keep your dog comfortable. Though shapes vary broadly, the most popular shapes are-sided versus un-sided, which dictate whether your dog can roll over the bed or is kept in a sort of crib. Whichever option you pick, you should constantly check whether you dog remains comfortable or it needs a complete overhaul.

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