October 28, 2021

Effects of Globalization on Life and Business

The world has turned into a global village and globalization has fused different societies and culture together leaving a haphazard system of moralities. It has eventually resulted as a disaster rather than a blessing as it is a well known saying that if you want to kill a nation kill its culture.
Where are we heading towards?
Have we ever hunched that which culture or actual religion are we practicing? Are we actually following our culture with true essence and zeal? Are we proud of our culture? Especially are we really well aware of our cultural values and history. I think this is the time we need to think about it otherwise it would be late to consider.
The dilemma of our society:
The biggest dilemma of our society is that we are not sure that which culture or religion we actually want to follow. Yes, you heard it right, we are living in a melting pot at this moment are insecure about our heritage which is one of the strongest heritages in the world. Let’s consider, how?
It all starts with the onset of life:
Let’s start from the onset of life, the culture of baby shower, gender reveal, and gifts for in flaws and families by the mother’s parents side, is actually what we have borrowed from Indian culture, our culture teaches us to do aqiqa and jhandeenah at the 7th day, but we have mingled both the culture which is actually becoming a burden for us, with the passage of time.
Girl child:
One step further, we observe gender biases when a girl child is born whereas, our culture, educate us to respect the girls, be it your mother, sister, daughter, wife or even your slaves. But are we doing?? Cursing the mother who gives birth to a girl child and contemplating the male child as the pride of the family?? Is this what examples we get from our religion? Again this is the Hindu culture which we have adopted.
The so-called foodies:
Coming onto our food choices, have you ever wondered that Italian, European, Thai and Chinese cuisines have taken over our own traditional meals, restaurant deals in Pakistan 2020, proclaim the changing trend of taste buds from Delhi nihari, karahi, talbeenah to Hardees Karachi, KFC, pizza huts, lasagne, muffins, and whatnot.
Borrowed starting of a new life:
Our marriages portrays the complete death of our own culture, where dowry and lavish dinners, dancing and musical nights, bridal showers, cake cutting ceremonies, and many other rituals shout loud to tell us that we don’t belong to you, we have been borrowed by those who are following your culture in order to prosper. 
A catastrophe waiting:
It is the demand of the hour that we need to brood over, where are we heading? Europe has realized the ills and woes of globalization and hence, is moving towards the contrary trend, Brexit and Make America Great again are the example of this shifting trend, Gospark, aims at making Pakistan great, but have we ever thought about where are we heading towards and what we would have to pay-off??!!
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