September 28, 2023

Blue Chino Pants – How To Wear Them

blue chinos pants

When shopping for men’s trousers, chinos are an important style that every guy should buy. Chino pants can be styled with smart casual, casual, semi-formal outfits for a great look. The chino pants are best for casual looks even though they are the best for fashion formals. The professionals style the chinos with the button-up shirt, blazer, and boots for classy styles, and the guys can choose the chinos with the t-shirts and complete the look with sneakers for the fashion street style look. The main challenge is buying the perfect pair of blue chinos pants that fit well and then figuring out what to wear. Here is our guide on how to style the chinos for outfit ideas.

What Are Chinos Exactly

The chinos are a kind of trousers originally designed for European military uniforms. The fabric is too light in weight and comfortable. Chino pants are still popular. You can style the chinos in various styles, and they are endless. The variety of colors and fits of chinos pants make chinos an important attire for every man’s wardrobe.

How To Wear Chinos Pants

When choosing a pair of chinos, the fit is of the utmost importance. If you want a classic look, then a straight-fit chino is the best, and for the formal look, clean-cut chinos. Chinos can be styled with almost any shoe. You can wear low-cut sneakers, desert boots, or leather loafers. When you wear the sneakers, try to add a rolled-up cuff, but when you wear the boots, leave the full length to rest on the top of your boots.

How Should Chinos Pants Fit

The chinos are mid-rise, and these pants should fit comfortably around the waist, and the low-rise chinos are also available. The slim-fit chinos will typically hug the thighs and make a more defined silhouette. The tight chinos can be less comfortable, but they are less formal and easy to experiment with. The men with larger builds or those who want a classic fit then choose the straight-fit chinos pants. There are various options for casual, comfortable chinos.

What To Wear With Chinos


Chinos pants can be styled with an unstructured blazer for a fashion street style look. For a casual night out, you can style the chinos with the best cotton t-shirts for men and complete the look with a pair of sneakers. For the relaxed look on warm spring days, you can style with a pair of shirts with chinos and loafers. You can style the chinos with a blazer and white cotton collar shirt for the wedding occasion look and finish the look with classic leather shoes.

Best Colors of Chino Pants

The chino trousers are available in various colors. Let’s take a look at the best color of chino pants.

Navy Chinos

Navy is the most adaptable color of the chino, same as blazers. You can wear navy blue chinos pants with any shirt and shoes. These chinos are well perfect for formal or semi-formal occasions.

White Chinos

White is a soft color, and you can wear these chinos in the summer months with subdued reds and blues for a comfortable look. These pants are the best for sunny days, and you can feel fresh and stylish in white chinos.

With the help of this post, we hope you are convinced enough to invest in chino pants.

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