Benefits of Buying a Used Generators

When most of the businessman prepare their business for emergency power outage, they prefer to go with commercial backup or industrial Generator.
Sometime few businesses forego the purchase of backup generator because of the cost of Generator, lead time of Generator, and lack of knowledge about Generators.
Most of the businesses think that backup generator can only be purchased new, without knowing that there are another option of purchasing a used Generator with lots of benefits.
Used generators are one of the best ways to get standby and reliable power at an affordable price. There are lots of benefits to buy a used generator, but the main advantage when you buy a used generator, it’s easily available in very low cost.
There are a number of reasons to buy a used generator is the best choice as compared to buying a new Generator like budget of used Genset is very low, high availability, lead time, reliability, reduced paperwork, and modification flexibility.
Here we will briefly discuss the advantage of buying a second-hand Generator for commercial or industrial purposes.

      Low price

The most attractive benefit when you buy a second-hand generator is the price. Used Generators are available in very low price as compared to new Generators. All the major brands used Genset available in 50-60% less amount compared to new Genset.

      Variety of option

When you choose to buy a second-hand Generator you find there is variety of options are available. You can choose from various fuel engines of Generators like diesel engine Generator, petrol engine Generator or gas Generator.

      Lead time of second-hand Generator

When you go with a new generator, there is a huge gap between order date and receiving date. This lead time generally come because of ordering to manufacturing to receiving. Basically when you order a new generator first the manufacturers have to build it and after that you will receive your order. This process will take around 10 to 16 weeks.
But when you buy a used Genset, they are ready to be shipped according to your need.
This one is the best feature present in used Generators.


When we use the term used Genset it will create a negative impact in your decision.

But when you purchase a second-hand generator from authorised dealer, you will be assured that Generator will be present in great working condition. Because most of the authorised used Genset dealer always test and maintain all the function of this used Generator. They are very careful about the generator maintenance.

      Reduced paperwork

When you go to buy a new Genset, there is lots of channels and paperwork that needs to be filled at the time of order. But when you Buy a used generator for industrial application they doesn’t require huge paperwork.
When buying a used Genset, you need to fill out some paperwork but that paperwork is very as compared to buying new Genset.


When you buy a new generator, manufacturer build generator as per their specification and you receive the product as it is. But  the best advantage when you buy a used generator is flexibility. That means if you want to make any change or want modify this used Genset. You will easily upgrade it as per your requirement.
For example, you can change the control boards of the used Generator and customize it
As per your business requirement.

Things you must check when buy a used Generator

When you buy a second-hand product it’s typically reliable, same thing applicable when you purchase a Second-hand Genset.
That is very difficult to judge how previously that product was treated. So when you purchase a pre-owned Generator you need to check and understand few important points.

      Age and usage of second-hand Generator

When you make a decision to buy a reliable used Genset, first you need to check total used hours of Genset, Age, and history of the Generator. The less hour of usage indicate Genset present in good condition. Age of Genset is one more important factor but just because Genset age is older doesn’t mean it is not good in operation.


How your second-hand Generator maintained previously is one more important factor when you consider a used Generator. You can check through the seller’s current level of knowledge and expertise to maintain second-hand Generator.

      Physical condition

Physical inspection of a used Generator is one important point at the time of buying a used generator. The internal condition of used Genset will be checked by a trained technician. But you can check the outer physical condition by note down few things.
      Check any immediate damage marks if present.
      By inspection of bearings and brushes.
      Check the integrity of wiring.
      Check carried out load test.
With the help of this basic points, you will easily understand the condition of your Generator.


Used Generators are one of the best options for your business or industrial usage, when your budget is low. This Generators are easily available in different fuel engine type at an affordable price. The Generators are the best way to get reliable and standby power for your business usage. The price is almost half as compared to buying a new Generator, but you need to check and understand few important points at the time of consider a pre-owned Generator.


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