October 28, 2021

Amazon fire HD 10 Review

An old adage claims that larger is best, however is that the Amazon fire HD 10 — the company’s biggest tablet — Amazon’s best slate yet? whereas its 10.1-inch Full HD display makes it one in all the best cheap tablets you’ll purchase, it’s additionally the foremost high-ticket fire, costing 3 times as much because the fire seven and $70 quite the fire HD 8 (which lasts longer on one charge). 


The Fire HD 10’s matte shell — that comes in black, orange and blue — is created of a plastic that feels way more reliable than its. Amazon says its tumble tests prove that the device is a lot of sturdy than the ten.5-inch iPad professional, however we’re unsure who else would compare this $150 tablet to Apple’s $649 slate.


The Fire HD 10’s 1920 x 1200-pixel panel produces crisp, bright and vivid pictures, creating a case for its larger ten.1-inch screen. once streaming the fictional character film Spectre on the Amazon Video app, I noted fierce burning fires, pure white snow and saturated black shadows. I additionally saw the slight details of the grain in Bond’s suede-leather jacket and therefore the arabesque pattern of tiles.


The Fire HD 10’s stereo speakers barely crammed our smallest room with audio that I’d describe as “meh.” being attentive to Future’s “Mask Off” on that, I detected clear vocals, too-sharp treble and nearly no bass.


Armed with a 1.8-GHz central processor and 2GB of RAM, the fire HD 10 could be a zippy tablet that doesn’t stutter like Amazon’s cheaper versions. whereas there’s a small pause once you’re gap apps and switch tabs in Amazon’s Silk browser, those are acceptable, considering that navigating the tablet’s home screens and mistreatment the app whipper is snappier than ever.

Battery Life

The Fire HD 10’s battery life is good; however, we’re still slightly defeated. creating it nine hours and four minutes on the portable computer magazine Battery take a look at (web water sport at 150 nits), the HD ten lasts longer than the hearth seven (6:53), however its time is shorter than those from the Tab 4 10 (11:17), the less-expensive fire HD 8 (10:58) and therefore the 9:28 tablet average. Guess it takes tons of power to stay that huge display glowing.


The Fire HD 10’s cameras are passable for video conferencing, however not for photography or video. Its 2.0-megapixel rear camera, especially, is its worst offender:
Shots I took of the enamel pins on my backpack concluded up blurred and searching like they were moving (they weren’t). Its 0.3-MP selfie shooter did a bit higher, facultative selfie that accurately captured my tired eyelids, distinct strands of my hair and therefore the correct hue of my cardinal-red shirt.


Amazon’s fire OS is nice for those that board Prime households and place confidence in Prime services. If you’re one in all those folks, you’ve got intrinsically apps for movies, TV and books (both eBooks and audio), although Amazon’s Prime Music isn’t a Spotify rival (Music Unlimited is, and prices $7.99 per month when Prime). Free Time Unlimited, Amazon’s buffet of kid’s apps and content, costs $2.99 per month when Prime.

Bottom Line

Of all the reasonable tablets we’ve tested, the fire HD 10 packs each the best screen and therefore the quickest performance. sadly, we have a tendency to were hoping its larger size may modify a lot of battery life, and we’re not precisely giddy to pay most on a slate that can’t use Google apps.
For a tablet that lasts longer on one charge, you’ve got 2 choices. you’ll either save $70 and acquire the hearth HD eight, or pay an additional $30 for the Lenovo Tab four ten, that permits you to use a full vary of robot apps. Amazon users who need to stream all of the video their Prime memberships enable, though, can love the hearth HD ten for its stellar display.

However, Amazon addicts who stream from Prime video all the time are happy that they’ve currently got a screen warrant being on our Best Tablets Under 300 page that’s additionally value their cash.

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