September 28, 2023

All About Construction Industry- Residential and Commercial Construction

Commercial construction project

Construction means building something on large scale, it usually different from manufacturing, because in manufacturing, we build same products every time while in construction every time we need to new plan, new design, new budget estimates.  Generally we use “Construction” word for the process of building or creating infrastructure or facility.

 Construction industry plays a major role in overall development of society.  Because this sector and activities come under it are considered to be one of the vital source of economic growth and development. The construction sector helps in economic uplift and development of the country.  It generates so many jobs for skilled workers, semi skilled, and unskilled persons.  So it plays key role in generating income in formal and informal sector.
Mainly there are two types of construction:
Residential Construction:-
Residential construction involves construction of flats, residential buildings, villas etc.  Residential projects are much lower level projects in term of size and budget than general commercial construction projects. Individual contractors can work alone or work with two or three other member on these projects.  If there is any special service required in construction they usually hire another service man with certain skills like such as a mason or a heavy equipment operator.
Commercial Construction: –
Commercial construction projects are much larger than residential projects. Commercial construction includes construction of shopping malls, roads, railways, ports, urban systems, schools, hospitals etc. Commercial construction requires larger and expensive construction equipment, so simple or individual contractors cannot bear the expense of these equipment and much skilled works.  Commercial construction companies have full range of commercial equipment, skilled labors as well as no limitation on budget. These companies have full plan and design about every situation each situation. They can easily handle all types’ uncertainty problems in big projects with vast resources. These companies take all responsibilities to make these projects highly successful.
Tips before select a Commercial Construction Company:
Ask for quotation from different companies.
Selection only 5 with in your budget
Ask them about there previous sites and clients.
Check these previous work and ask about satisfaction of previous clients.
Now, choose only the best one on the basis of timely and quality of work as well as satisfaction.

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