October 28, 2021

A Short Summary of Gastric Balloon Procedure

A gastric balloon is a transient yet nonsurgical process that has been demonstrated the outcome of a 10 percent reduction in total body weight. It comprises installing a lightweight, gastric balloon in the region of the patient’s stomach for the course of up to six months to create the feeling of fullness and alleviate hunger pang.

Who is the right candidate that can undergo this nonsurgical procedure?
An ideal candidate who can undergo this procedure is unable to achieve the result of weight-loss even if adhering to the strict dietary plan and exercise. This procedure is also appropriate for those people who have developed one or more health complications with regard to obesity, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. An individual whose body weight is in the BMI level of 30 to 40 can also choose this procedure to reduce his/her substantial amount of body weight.
Who is not an ideal candidate that can under this procedure?
If a person is symptomatic of any inflammatory disease of the gastrointestinal tract, it is not recommended at all that he/she choose to go through this weight-loss medication. A patient, reeling under the issues of a hiatal hernia, is not a suitable candidate for this procedure. Apart from these, a person having the problem of a gastric mass or liver failure doesn’t fit into availing of the benefit of this nonsurgical procedure. Others-a bleeding disorder over clothing, a disorder related to esophageal motility-can creates issues if a person having one of these problems can try to benefit from the weight-loss program. It is also not recommended to those patients who have a surgical history of bariatric or gastrointestinal.
The Nuts and Bolts of The Procedure:
When the patient is brought under the influence of mild sedation, a thin-sized and deflated balloon is installed in the stomach, going through the passage of the patient’s mouth. Once this deflated balloon is adequately installed into its appropriate area, the balloon is inflated with a saline solution. The saline solution also has a blue color dye. The reason behind coloring the solution with blue dye is to get it easily detected out in the eventuality of the breakage of the balloon. This well-placed balloon is inflated with an oscillating amount of solution as per the need and requirement of your body structure. The inflated balloon will be there for six months before it is taken out by your doctor.
A Couple of Stellar Advantage for The Gastric Balloon Surgery
 Since it is a well know nonsurgical procedure, no incisions would be created by your doctor on your abdomen. The placement of the inflated balloon in your stomach would be there just for six months. Post that, it would be removed by your doctor. One of the other benefits of this procedure is that it is executed in an outpatient procedure under the influence of the mild sedation. The patient can be discharged from the hospital on the day of the procedure. It is really beneficial to reduce the amount of your every meal, leading to an excellent result of weight-alleviation.
Potential Risks After the Procedure
The patient who undergoes this procedure might encounter nausea and vomiting issues within a couple of days ahead after the installation of the balloon. He/she might feel discomfort over the region of his/her abdomen.
Does the Insurance provider ensure this nonsurgical procedure?
Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no.
What are the ways forward after the removal of the balloon?
Post removal of the balloon, your doctor for gastric balloon surgery Los Angeles at work will chalk down your weight management plan that should be observed with due diligence. Sustainable and healthy habits should be adopted for the result of the long-term weight reduction just after the elimination of the balloon after six months. After the extraction of the balloon, it is advised to meet a professional health provider who can help you manage your weight, stitching with specific yet creative strategy.

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