December 11, 2023


Hong Kong is a crossroads. A metropolitan mixture where east meets west, island-life meets the mainland and tradition meets advancement. Look hard enough and inside the tall structures you’ll discover little diamonds of design including Chinese temples, colonial residences and even the odd zoo.
Goodness and the world’s longest outside secured lift, however more on that in a moment. At that point there’s Kowloon, a urban spread that leaks out into the New Territories before connecting with Mainland China. There are likewise more than 200 remote Islands that must be gotten to by boat. Regardless of the majority of its decent variety numerous individuals hurry through Hong Kong, spending close to two or three days in the city before travelling onward. Take your time, no need to rush. If you want to hang out, you can take Hong Kong holiday packages at the View Holiday Trip.

    1. Take a Junk To Lamma Island

Eat at one of the fish/Sea Food restaurants. A portion of the restaurants will give a free junk to take you there and back in the event that you book in advance. Go at night so you can see the well-known daily laser appear over the skyscraper skyline.

2. Walk The Dragon’s Back

An outstanding nearby climb that – depending upon your beginning stage – can end or start on the beach at Shek O. At the point when on the beach stop for Thai food and find a paddle board from a nearby to SUP on.

3. Explore Central

The Central Business District has bunches of well-known stores, but the best activity is wind through “The Lanes” that offer everything from dried fruit to fancy dress. Once you’ve stopped for some noodles in a Dai pai dong, head to the elevator and simply take it up to the top (Conduit Road). Then walk back down (it just goes down in the morning) or jump on a mini bus that will bring you down to Central or to the Star Ferry terminal. Lantau is an great Island with such a great amount to do and explore. Everybody visits the Big Buddha, but don’t pass up Tai O, a customary angling town based on stilts.

4. Camp on Thi Long Wan

Hike it in case you’re feeling vigorous, jump on the MTR and bus if you’ve eaten an excess of diminish total the night before. Eat in the little basic beach restaurant, procure a surfboard and wake up at dawn to an all panoramic sea see.

5. Take The Long Road To Stanley Harbour

Jump on the 6A bus from Exchange Square and enjoy the route as it takes you over toward the south side of the island through Repulse Bay and ending  at Stanley. Once there walk  through the popular market, buy a chilly drink, and sit on the harbor divider feeling important about knowing all HK’s very little mysteries.

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