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Ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in Lockdown

With the resurgence of coronavirus cases, social gatherings and celebrations have taken a backseat. Being confined in one’s home because of a life-threatening virus has made us think about how to interact with loved ones and address human emotions, more so, now when it is needed the most. Technology has had a significant impact on people’s lifestyles, making the gifting industry more convenient, customer-friendly, and cost-effective in terms of logistics and vendor management. As a result, people are celebrating important occasions such as birthdays, and anniversaries by using e-gifting and opting for more meaningful gifts during the pandemic. Mother’s Day 2021 is just around the corner being celebrated on May 10. For all those who are worrying about not being able to make their mothers feel special during this day, here is an idea: How to celebrate Mother’s Day 2021 while in quarantine?   Giftiicon, an app that enables users to send a gift of their choice in just 30 seconds through SMS and WhatsApp without necessarily knowing the address of the recipient. It’s a renowned Korean gifting platform which launched in India in 2019, with a new app specifically designed for the Indian market. Aimed at millennials and Gen Z, the concept behind the platform is to simplify the gifting process and eliminate cumbersome registration requirements along with personal information. Particularly in the post-Covid era when people are socially distanced yet want to retain their human connections, Giftiicon offers the perfect low-contact gifting option for anyone with a smartphone. The Platform allows their users to pick from multiple categories of gifts listed on the platform, from F&B and Cosmetics to Home Decor and Flowers. At the time of redemption, users have the option of visiting the store to pick up the gift or request a pick-up via apps like Dunzo who is Giftiicon’s delivery partner. They also provide the option of scheduling…

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Businesses often contemplate whether they should shift to paper bags as their preferred method of packaging. They seem like the ideal way to go due to increasing consciousness towards the environment. However, it is recommended to review all the details so as to ensure proper knowledge about the paper products. There are a diverse range of paper bags and other paper-based packaging solutions that are available on various online and offline portals, especially at a wholesale price. Understandably, businesses would like to conduct a thorough research before they take the final plunge. is a leading online retailer that specialises in catering to the customised printing and packaging requirements of different businesses. Paper bags rank among their best-sellers. Curated below is a guide about how buyers can make a comprehensive investment by purchasing paper bags from the website. Types of Paper Bags Available Owing to a myriad range of paper bags, in terms of their size and type, it is natural for businesses to be perplexed about choosing the product that best suits their requirements. Essentially, there are two main types of bags in terms of their colour; brown and white. Brown paper bags are used more frequently, as compared to the white ones. However, if the business wants customised paper bags bearing their logo, then they can opt for white bags as the logo and brand message is highlighted more clearly. Irrespective of the colour, all the paper bags available on the website possess a strong construction, and are manufactured using the best quality Kraft paper. This ensures that they are resistant to tears and rips, thus ensuring that the constituent protects are packaged safely. Understanding the Use of Paper Bags Across Businesses Paper bags can be used by almost every business to fulfil their packaging needs. For instance,…

yushank tyagi
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Meet Mukundsinh Solanki and Yushank Tyagi co founders of rising cyber security startup ‘Safehack Me’

Most of the Youngsters after Completing their higher education search for a Job to settle down. There are very few of them who aim to start their Startup and make their own presence in this Present Age. One of the people who belong to this Category of new era thinker is Yushank Tyagi. He is a simple man who thinks of protecting Web Application which is very useful in recent times. At a very young age Yushank Tyagi thought of a startup to provide cyber security. He had a hunger of learning new things related to cyber security and his enthusiasm made him a renowned cyber security expert. His Knowledge is now the greatest asset present with him. Yushank thinks of future Security which made him develop a startup based on Web Application Penetration Test. His startup has proved very helpful to those developers who consistently work hard to make web applications and protect consumer data. Nowadays the breaching of data is a matter of high concern and big companies face huge loss because of this. To protect these companies, is made by Yushank Tyagi and Mukundsinh Solanki. Mukundsinh Solanki is an enthusiast Web Application Security expert. His thought process for this Startup is really appreciable. His hard work towards achieving success in Web Application Security made him the Co-founder of this futuristic Startup at the age of just 26. Mukundsinh is from Nadiad, Gujrat. He was a Mechanical Engineering student when he first started ethical hacking. He got Interest in Ethical Hacking and started working in it. In collaboration with Yushank Tyagi, he started walking towards his passion. And then Mukundsinh made his Career in this Field. There is no doubt that Mukundsinh’s contribution in this field is appreciated. Safehack Me was started in 2020 and started offering…

Mritunjoy Dev Nath
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Mritunjoy Dev Nath a popular Digital Creator & Entrepreneur

Mritunjoy Dev Nath, a digital marketing expert, a software developer, and distinctly, he is well-versed in multiple niches. An unparalleled mindset and an innovative thinker, Mritunjoy Dev Nath  is the co-founder of “MriTunJoy Dev NaTh Network”, a leading marketing firm. But this isn’t what has congested the news currently. Distinguished for his peculiar talents, Mritunjoy has recently been delivering benevolent and colossal humanitarian steps towards the society, disarraying the news. Amongst the global pandemic, where the masses have been witnessing intolerable and unendurable hardships, Mritunjoy  holds the conviction of succoring the underprivileged and ameliorating the lives of many. In a self-centered orb, where every individual seeks profitable outputs, very few remain with the task of carrying the beacon of hope and glee. Mritunjoy  conjectures that –“ An exultant world could only exist when those at the dais of zenith succor the underprivileged”. Recently, through his humanitarian works, he has proven that his belief is candidly righteous! A visionary, always triumphant in the arenas he steps in, Mritunjoy Dev Nath  is on the track of contriving his vision of uplifting those in need. A strategic mindset, with a consummate and elegant skill set, he has been endeavoring to bring about a change in people’s lives reaching out to them through his unprecedented and innovative methodologies. Having procured a ginormous count of followers on media platforms, and through strengthened connection, Mritunjoy  seeks out those needing aid in any form. Achieving the mark of a true influencer, Mritunjoy  has been keen on engendering methods to serve others. A successful person, and an influencer, Mritunjoy  has put efforts incredibly into social work and human development. With a profound understanding of social, economic, and cultural development, Mritunjoy has been in touch and has even work in coordination with some major institutions and organizations working towards…

most expensive cryptocurrency in 2020: bitcoin
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Most Expensive Cryptocurrency: Value of A Bitcoin is 19847.59 USD (14. 62 Lakhs)

The cryptocurrency bitcoin has reached a record level this year. Bitcoin gained 9% on Monday. With this, it has reached this year’s record high level of $ 19,860, which is about 14 lakhs 62 thousands rupees per unit. Earlier, in December 2017, bitcoin reached $ 19,873 per unit. That is, according to then the price of one bitcoin was about 13 lakh rupees. 175% growth so far in 2020 2020 has proved to be a big growth for bitcoin. So far this year, its price has increased by 175%. After Corona, the price of bitcoin went down to $ 4000 per unit in March. But, now due to the weakening of the dollar, bitcoin has rebounded rapidly. Gay Hirsch, managing director of US brokerage and trading firm eToro, says – Individuals and asset managers are buying bitcoins in large numbers. There are currently around $ 365 billion worth of bitcoins in circulation. Reason for  Boom in cryptocurrency The world’s largest asset management firm BlackRock (BLK) has predicted that Bitcoin could one day replace gold as a safe haven choice. This is also believed to be the reason for the rise in bitcoin prices. Bitcoin is also gaining momentum due to the rise in prices of small cryptocurrencies, Ethereum, XRP, LiteCoin and Steller. Bitcoin was discovered in 2008 Bitcoin was discovered in 2008. Bitcoin was officially launched in 2009. In India, no cryptocurrency, including bitcoin, is legal yet.

Best gaming laptops 2020
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Best Budget Gaming Laptops 2020 – 2021

Hye gamers, finally here with the blog on the Best budget gaming laptops. So now your financial problem will not come between your gaming experience. Forget those days when you had to pay a lot for an up to the mark gaming experience. With this blog now you will have the option to buy a budget gaming laptop without compromising with the experiences. Now enhance your gaming experience with the best budget laptops available in the market. So no worries we are here to help you with the list of some of the top gaming laptops. This blog might help you in buying your new gaming laptop. If you searching the same for a long time, now your wait is over. So let’s simply jump straight to the list of best budget gaming laptops. DELL G3 The Dell G3 is a proficient passage level gaming PC in an Inspiron’s garments. It has a ninth gen Intel Center i5 computer chip, up to 8GB of Smash, and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB of GDDR5 video Slam. For capacity, it has a 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD. It messes around like Fate on high illustrations settings at 60fps with no stammers. MSI GT76 TITAN DT 9SG Wearing a work area illustrations Intel Center i9-9900K combined with an RTX 2080. The two machines utilize gigantic force blocks which when connected trigger a programmed production line overclock of 32-33% for the processors. Indeed, even the illustrations cards are a similar RTX 2080 yet MSI has a somewhat higher base clock of 1575 MHz while the Alienware unit has that set to 1515 MHz.   Lift tickers are likewise unique with the MSI unit timed at 1755 MHz and the Alienware at 1720 MHz. So execution savvy, these two are almost comparative until you consider…

Magazine Apps for Android
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Magazine Apps for Android: Android platform is the king!

This article boosts your knowledge about magazine apps for Android. Further, it talks about why you should choose the Android platform for your business. Android devices sell like well-known hotcakes, & talking about the present, a great deal of people won’t think of going out of their houses without taking their Android phones with them. The job of Android app development and magazine apps for Android has changed the focal point of a lot of IT firms. A few years earlier, software development was something that is only the cup of tea for colossal businesses; nonetheless, the eminence and augmentation of smartphones, coupled with greater no. of people using smartphones to surf the web and check their social media accounts have changed the way IT business function. You can outsource your magazine apps for Android work to India. Google magazine apps for Android and you will come across a number of companies to pick from. With a great deal of users and gigantic amounts of downloads, no doubt, the Android application development arena is at its peak. Loads of people enjoy numerous kinds of apps; it conforms to their entertainment, facility, business, and a range of other needs. At the starting phase, Android app development specialists were seen as experts who offer modules to computer software development; nevertheless, with changing time firms specialize to execute the special characteristics and utilization of Android phones to create apps custom-made for the smartphone. The result was the development of a range of apps did only what software development did, nonetheless which coined the smartphone characteristics. Hence, you had a lot of browser apps, learning apps, shopping cart apps, magazine apps, gaming apps, social networking apps, and more designed especially for Android phones. A large no. of IT firms used their capability in software…

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
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Finding a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Provider

This article talks about how to find a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provider. Let’s get started. You are residing in a globe of technology. You are surrounded by technology. The mobile phone or computer you are utilizing to go through this write up is an example of technology, the air conditioner you are utilizing to keeping your room cool and fresh is an example of technology, even the restroom you are utilizing is also an example of modern engineering. Then why do not you utilize the most recent technology to operate your business and make it more lucrative. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central could be utilized to make better your business. The utilizations & applications of this solution are endless. It could be utilized to enhance collaboration, accessibility over and above to automate mundane jobs within a company. This is the finest software when managing your business pitches in. With the help of this software, you will be capable to obtain a concise overview of how your company is doing. The security offered by the solution is actually great that it facilitates the users to configure it such that just some or specific individuals could access the system. Even for a greatly specialized organization, this software offers the business individual greatly precise functionalities which are intended to remote places. With this solution, all workers in a company could become more productive and competent. Where to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Nearly all the businesses nowadays are utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline their business processes. It could be utilized to automate mundane activities. Because it is a software, it won’t carry out any manual error such as humans. You are employing it in your accounting, promotion, sales, SCM, HCM, and more. Nevertheless, this is an extremely…

top books for acting career
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Top 5 Best Books on Acting to Read Before Joining an Acting College

Are you an aspiring actor? Of course you want to join an acting college. But we recommend some of the best books with lots of details and powerful tools. Best 5 Books on Acting – Recommended for Actors It is no brainer that a real education is the key to build emotion in the audience with your natural acting in front of the camera. BJAS is the leading acting college which teaches different techniques from some of the gifted teachers over the years. Hence, we recommend some of these books for both working and wannabe actors. Stella Adler’s “The Art of Acting” Stella Adler is the world-renowned acting teacher and only American actor who learned acting with Konstantin Stanislavski. Some of the legendary names who studied her method are Robert de Niro, Marlon Brando, Harvey Keitel, Warren Beatty, and Candice Bergen. Stella Adler launched acting studies in LA and New York out of her education and expertise in Hollywood, Broadway, Yiddish theatre and the Group theatre. She offers courses in voice and speech, acting, movement, Shakespeare, and characterization, analysis, makeup and acting techniques. This book has a series of her lectures in 22 chapters briefly. Michael Shurtleff’s “Audition” This book is considered to be the masterpiece for those who desperately want to become actors. It is highly recommended if you are just starting out your career as an actor. You can get everything you should know to get the role. It helped many actors with its simple techniques from its 12 native guideposts by Mr. Shurtleff. His step will be helpful to you in every step from developing relationships to finding comedy and love in every scene. Sanford “Meisner on Acting” When it comes to acting, Method and Meisner are synonyms. A lot of teachers have studied this book, including…

Quickbook's error 6000
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How I Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000

From the improvement time to work date, QuickBooks can finish all bookkeeping and account for the executives work inside time. It is a genuine truth that QuickBooks divert the bookkeeping the board work in various manner. There is an uncommon opportunity to connect with specialized disappointment as this instrument furnishes with esteem supported highlights to comprehend the necessary business inquiry consummately. Doing heaps of money and bookkeeping work, there is a probability to confront QuickBooks error 6000. Even this disappointment demonstrates that rolling out the attractive improvement in money and bookkeeping work isn’t simple for anybody. Also, you are not skilled to oversee spreads, receipt and money. Fundamental driver behind the event of this In underneath referenced show, you can discover most reasonable justification of QuickBooks error 6000 Your document has been harmed. Various clients are utilizing organization information documents. The establishment of QuickBooks can’t finish. The organizer involves the organization information record, harm. You locate the detached worker association. The information change of organization can’t finish. The QuickBooks document harmed. Enactment of web security information doesn’t let to get to the organization document. Worker doesn’t hold the definite consent to get to organization record. The client who are utilizing this record doesn’t have certain authorization to get to this document. What is a ND record? System Data (ND) records are set up documents that grant QuickBooks Customer service phone number access to an organization record in a multi-client foundation or in a particular system. A solitary client condition that prior permitted multi-client get to empowered will likewise comprise.ND records. The QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBServerUtilityMgr.exe) exists to make.ND documents that imply the database worker the program will utilize. Look over QuickBooks error 6000 The same numerous product pieces, the long activity of QuickBooks will in general reach on some…